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What Blu-Ray did you watch last night?

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  • Hi Graham,

    " 'Red October" is a standby here: what we watch when we want to watch something, but just can't manage the process of electing a winner! (If I remember right, it was also first on-screen the first time I hooked up the VP.)

    "I thought I heard...singing, Sir."

    The other night, the winner was Apollo 13, narrowly edging out The Martian. Apollo 13 just may be my favorite Space Movie, including the SciFi ones: after all, I was in 2nd grade when they got those guys back home (We watched it at school.) If Admiral Kirk ever really does rescue Mr. Spock from the Genesis Planet, I will not be there to see it!

    At work, I deal with a major power systems manufacturer in Houston. It makes a failure almost worthwhile to begin my E-mails "Houston! -we've had a problem!".


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      No, not the movie which will be released this coming December, but the teaser trailer!

      The trailer is available to download in multiple formats including 3D Bluray.

      Download Avatar: The Way of Water (2022) Trailers below: For 3D, the .iso are disc image files and are similar quality to a 3D Blu-ray disc. There are also 3D Side by Side (SBS) versions in both Half and Full resolution. All are provided with two aspect ratios: Scope 1920×804 or Flat 1920×1036 in 1080 containers.
      This site, The Digital Theater, is loaded with trailers in multiple formats you can use for multi-media presentations at home.

      Avatar 2 The Way of the Water is available here.

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      • Last night Steve I was thinking what should I watch? I went through a few titles then came to Red October. Ah! that's one I feel like watching. I have to be in a certain frame of mind to watch a particular movie, Red October just clicked

        Regarding "Apollo 13" I read a while back, that when the film came out it tended to show a little bit of friction between with Jack Swigert played by Kevin Bacon when things went wrong with the spacecraft. Jim Lovell did say along the lines when the film did come out, that this was never the case, everyone was very professional, but understood the need in a movie to dramatize things a "little" bit, but in "true real life" they all got on well, there was no friction at all.

        There are a couple of other submarine movies I have watched in the past....
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        • Zero Hour! (1957)

          Tonight we watched Zero Hour!, a 1957 drama about a crisis aboard a trans-Canadian flight and how one man rose above all his self-doubt and made a difference!

          It was a lot funnier than it should have been...most likely because of the 1980 (...ummm) remake!
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          "-looks like I picked the wrong week to quit smokin'!"


          • Hugo I first saw it on 3D at the cinema and thought it was brilliant, I think this was the first 3D film director "Martin Scorsese" made, he certainly did an outstanding job. The blu-ray comes with the standard blu-ray as well..
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            • What a great movie!

              Being a Dad of a (former) little kid, I've seen a lot of little kid movies, very few of which did a lot for me.

              -but there was this one time we went out to see this "Hugo" thing that I knew nothing about. I found the whole idea of the kid living up in the ceiling of the railway station really well done and Sacha Baron Cohen as the Gendarme almost Clouseau-worthy, but slowly I figured out this was a film about film, and Georges Méliès no less!

              It woke me up! Finally a movie for ME!


              • Another excellent blu-ray is "RV" for those who love the great outdoors its magic. We ran the 35mm print long ago and I really enjoyed it, lots of times .


                • Blood Alley. Improvement on the DVD and it is well worth watching but there is some grainy bits despite the upgrade. Good movie from the Duke. “Right Baby”
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                  • Last night and as we are going to the cinema later today to see the new one I thought it would be nice to watch the movie that started it all so once again it was a Epson VP night.

                    I have to add, and I might be wrong, that I think the image quality seems "extra good" with the blu-ray that comes with the 4K box, so if you are thinking about getting "Jurassic Park" get the one that comes with the 4K disc as well. Better still if you have a VP that does 3D, I would highly recommend getting the 3D version as well. Well better go, as I have been to "Muffin Break" already, and my better half has just turned up, I will let you good folks know about this latest edition later .
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                    • 300 Spartans. The 1962 version not the later ones. The Fox DVD was a good print but the Blu ray has the edge super sharp and bright in pristine condition as they would say. Considering it’s age the version holds up and is well made. Tight running length with no excess sub stories and powers along to the end.
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                      • Well I survived tonight's 2hr 35min screening of "Where Eagles Dare" on the VP, a lot better than the 2hr 26min worth of Dominion at the cinema I always considered the MGM Super8 3/400ft release as one of the best 8mm edits around.

                        The blu-ray does not disappoint either its a typical 1960s war movie from 1968. Picture quality is very good and was quite impressed with DTS 5:1 sound as well. Alistair MacLean had a number of films adapted from his books as well as Eagles Dare, such as "Ice Station Zebra" and "The Guns of Navarone" those two are also out on blu-ray and well worth getting.

                        A couple of tonight screen shots...

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                        • Last Night:

                          West Side Story on Blu-Ray. Our son has kind of an interesting relationship with this movie: all the years he was growing up, the Derann Extracts were often on-screen and he enjoyed them, but we let him get up into his teenage years before we let him see all the stabbing and shooting parts. My experience with young kids is often they miss the point of the story and start to think gangs are actually kind of cool! (-a lesson my elementary school Principal learned and regretted when HE suggested we watch the musical!)

                          It's different now: the two of us were watching Tony and Maria and basically agreeing we'd never discuss marriage with a girl we met yesterday, nor stay with someone who just stabbed our brother to death! (-Kind of a deal-breaker: Imagine introducing THAT guy to Mom and Dad!)

                          -guess we're just not equipped to deal with perfect love!

                          (My wife on the other hand thought we're just kind of...awful!)😊

                          The songs were and still are great!


                          • Saboteur and Topaz from Hitchcock Collection. Stunning prints and sound plus loads of extras. 17 Hitchcock movies. Shop around for for price on the set because there is a wide variation.

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                            • The other night I watched "A Night To Remember" with a running time of just over 2hrs, It looks great with excellent B/W picture and sound.

                              Highly recommend this one.

                              I still have it on Super 8 but the contrast on the 8mm print does vary a bit between reels
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                              • A few night ago it was return to "Ice Station Zebra" one of my favorite films from the 1960s, The MGM Super 8 3/400 footer was pretty good as well remember that?

                                This particular disc is marked as "Made In Mexico" both picture quality and the DTS 5.1 sound are excellent with a feature running time of 149 minutes.

                                Highly recommend this one as well, here are a couple of screen shots from the other night. The movie comes with overture and intermission, plus a making of Featurette ...great stuff,
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