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  • Watched a classic this morning!

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    • Tonight’s Feature:

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      • Lincoln

        This might sound a bit strange but every New Years Eve close to midnight I screen "The Poseidon Adventure". Of all the Irwin Allen's 70s disaster films, I would place "The Poseidon Adventure" at the top of the list.

        The casting is perfect, the film was nominated for Nine Academy Awards winning one for Best Visual Effects. English director "Ronald Neame" really put the actors through all that grime and heat , and it shows, you can't but help feeling sorry for them. The end result though, is a timeless brilliant film that even after 50 years, never loses its appeal.

        These two screen shots from a past screening of the blu-ray says it all, that the actors went through. Roddy McDowall in the making of, talks about how tiring it was on the set with all that heat, plus talks about how dangerous the stunt was for the stuntman, filling in for him doing that fall in the funnel.

        I am not sure how many of the original cast are still around, but it was a top notch cast with a top notch script at the time, on a side note, the music was by John Williams .... great stuff.
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        • One important aspect of the film, was this piece of music I found it lately on a old LP and made a wee you-tube video. Even after 50 years "The Morning After" still sticks in folks minds that watched it so long long ago.



          • Double bill from Hammer. Two Faces of Dr Jekyll and The Gorgon. Region A Blu ray from MillCreek in US. Usually this company produce a dross of public domain releases particularly in the DVD range that are not enhanced or improved from video titles. This release surprisingly is actually very good not perfect but very watchable and well worth it. If you shop around you can obtain for £10.00 to £12.00 mark which equates to £5.00 per film. There are other double bills of Hammer from MillCreek but I would be cautious about buying them without checking reviews.
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            • Well watching this one the other night is really a bit of a blast from the past. I remember running the 35mm print twenty odd years ago The manager booked the print and when it arrived I thought it would be a bit of a flop. I was wrong, even my thoughts of Hugh Grant as an actor improved, after watching this film. When it comes to perfect casting, you can't get much better than Hugh Grant in this role.

              During its run at the cinema it actually did very well as with the number of private hires. What struck about this film, was actor Toni Collette in this role as a person struggling with the terrible ups and downs of depression, and the effect it has or her son played by Nicholas Hoult.

              I understand the story is based on the book by Nick Hornby. If you have never seen this film, its certainly worth watching, anyway here are a couple of screen shots.

              PS....By the way the soundtrack by "Badly Drawn Boy" is very good
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              • Saturday night at the movies and a change of tact, with the 1968 musical "Oliver" I have to say that during the 1960s I had zero interest in musicals. However over time and getting older I have more tolerance for them now. When I look back, the 1960s really did have some good musicals, eg The Sound Of Music.

                I was going to run a 35mm feature tonight, but at the last minute could not be bothered, opted to use a silver disc instead, must be an age thing

                Anyway these days I do appreciate those old musicals more

                The blu-ray picture quality is excellent, as with the DTS-HD 5:1 sound. "Oliver" has a running time of about 2hrs 30minutes, its complete with Overture and Intermission. One thing is for certain, is that they don't make them like this anymore. If you like musicals then this blu-ray is a must buy for your collection .
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                Sadly Ron Moody, Jack Wild and Oliver Reed are no longer with us.
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                • Just came across this....These sausages are mouldy......"Shut up and drink your gin" I think this has to one of the best lines in the film and this musical number, one of the best, and there are many I do have the Scope trailer on Super 8 and its a long one. Derann for a while were selling new, a 16mm Scope print of the trailer as well, now that's going back a bit


                  • If you have never heard of "Sophie Scholl" then you should watch this film, based on the true story of her capture and stand, for what she thought was right, that sadly in the end would cost her life. I understand there is a memorial to her in Germany.

                    The language is in German with English sub-titles, highly recommend "Sophie Scholl"
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                    • Wednesday night at the movies with a return to 1997 with this one using the Epson VP Hopefully the new "Jurassic Park" is now only a couple of months away. I phoned my son tonight and asked him, guess what I watched? hint, I tried the roar of a Dinosaur over the phone...its Godzilla he replied.....Nooooooo.... Try again? more sort of Dinosaur ROARS over the phone....Jurassic Park...YES.. now which one? hint you saw it at the old Hollywood cinema..."The Lost World" got it.

                      Problem is I have sort of lost my voice now anyway it was a good evenings entertainment.
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                      • You’re such a delight to know, Graham!

                        as for me, I watched the Criterion of HIS GIRL FRIDAY last night.

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                        • Thanks Lincoln

                          Its great to hear from you also.

                          Plus its always interesting to read what others get up to, I did take a couple of photos of The Martian on 3D as you can tell, the level of image detail on 3D is really amazing, its the closest "we" will ever get to Mars.
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                          • Dark Command. German release Blu ray. Western about Quantrill’s raiders operating in Kansas during Civil war. Second and last film directed by Raoul Walsh with John Wayne the other movie one being The Big Trail. A upmarket film from Republic after Stagecoach success with Claire Trevor and Walter Pidgeon also starring and Gabby Hayes giving comic relief.

                            Movie is little uneven reminiscent of. Flynn movie. Duke and Gabby Hayes are very good as are action sequences with Yakima Canutt doing second unit direction.

                            Claire Trevor despite getting top billing adds little to movie giving a dire wooden performance. Walter Pidgeon bought in from MGM is miscast as Quantrill and sounds very Moribius Forbidden Planet throughout. Print is an upgrade from DVD sharp less grainy although there is still some sparkle in night scene attack of Lawerence.
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                            • Last night blu-ray using the Epson....hint the cats name is "Jonesy", this past screen shot, is from a previous screening of a well known 1979 movie..

                              Here Kitty Kitty...
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                              • And for me "Jonesy" provided the hte only "Jump out of your seat" shock moment when I first watched this film (in 70mm at the Odeon Leicester Square). I soon bought the Super 8 digest