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  • Still run my little S8 400ft full of memories screenings of old and all that nostalgia. The receipt from 1976 says it cost me ¬£22 for this young teenagers wages and I guess we have had excellent value for money. If projected of the HID lit projector the colour is quite good.

    The card box had been open and closed so many times is sort of self destructed but I managed to get the cover off and onto a new box.
    Good times.
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    Giggling Jenny Hanley signed my BR a few years ago nice girl. The restoration completed in 2016 was something else really, detailed which is great in one way but of course the props look a little duff especially the bat.

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    • 4K Ultra HD NO TIME TO DIE
      A fabulous watch on the big screen and the 4K projector. It's detailed along with a belting sound track to die for.
      Worth checking out the vinyl if you collect them a few tracks is a great way to start the show.

      Interesting reading about the cameras they used Imax/Arriflex/Panavision 65/35mm/65mm film you name it they seem to have used it.
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      • Guns for San Sebasti√°n Warner Archive Collection Blu Ray. Finally, after Super 8 video and public domain DVDs that were either pink or faded there is finally a Blu ray release that gives a super sharp print with colour as it should be for this film .
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        • Many many moons ago we screened the 35mm print of "Galaxy Quest" at the cinema and I always liked it. In later years I bought the DVD, which in itself was pretty good. A few weeks ago I thought I might screen the DVD using the Epson. I enjoyed watching the DVD so much it started me thinking mmmm can I get it on blu-ray? I checked Amazon Australia and sure enough it was available brand new for only $15 including the postage to NZ.

          A couple of days ago the blu-ray arrived, and last night my better half and I watched it on the Epson. I was really surprised at the image quality of the blu-ray over the DVD, its a noticeable improvement.

          The transfer to blu-ray is outstanding and one of the best I have seen. "Galaxy Quest "is a fun ride from start to finish and suitable for any audience.

          Highly recommend this one .

          Sam Rockwell as with the entire cast is excellent. The last movie I saw him was "Jo Jo Rabbit" another excellent blu-ray release
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          Sam Rockwell along with superb cast also starred in this one below...

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          • After talking to my better half about "Jo Jo Rabbit" today, Yvonne asked me if I could put it on again tonight. The last time my son and the grandkids watched it and Yvonne said Connor who sitting next to her, was talking all the time about it in particular the doll scene, which gave him a "jolt", so tonight it was just the two of us with "no" distractions.

            End result was she enjoyed it more . One thing I did notice during the end credits was the music was composed by "Michael Giacchino" he had also done the music for "Super8 The Movie" a while back. Although all the cast of "Jo Jo Rabbit" are excellent, the acting by young "Roman Griffin Davis" as Jo Jo was exceptional. Its certainly been a film that can manipulate the audience into a false feeling, that one minute your smiling, the next second it switches you to the opposite. Without doubt New Zealand director/writer and actor Taiki Waititi has done an amazing job of "Jo Jo Rabbit"


            • Last night I had another "Close Encounter"

              Although I don't have a 4K projector to get the full benefit the 4K, in this release. The blu-ray included is still worth getting. Although its the "40th Anniversary Edition", the previous "30th Anniversary" Ultimate Edition blu-ray with includes a interesting 64 page booklet is also good value.

              Both include three versions of the film. One being the original theatrical at 135min, special edition 132min, directors cut at 137min.

              The one I watched last night was the original theatrical release at 135min.

              When I came into the house after watching it, I said to my better half, guess what I just watched? whistling the music she said "not again" yep
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              • Close Encounters of the Third Kind opened in Seattle at the King Theater in 1977. I recall the controversy around it not being presented in 70mm and as I recall they also were not equipped to play Dolby Surround at the time.

                The King Cat opened in downtown Seattle in 1974 as the King Cinema... An uninspired box from the outside, the King's auditorium (about 500 seats) is a cozy room with stadium seating in the back portion. A massive, goldish-tan curved drapery glides open to reveal, alas, a flat screen.

                After being open for only a year or so, the King closed, with bankruptcy given as the official reason. The theater sat dark for a period and then was taken over by General Cinema (5/20/1977), which ran it as a first-run house for a number of years. The King was in the local movie spotlight in 1977 when it booked the only local showing of "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" and showed it in 35mm. General refused to install 70mm equipment which theaters in other cities had done.

                Partly because of the furor, Randy Finley of the locally owned Seven Gables circuit was able to secure a print for the 70mm auditorium at the Crest Cinema in a north suburb, and movie purists flocked there.


                • Had a listen to the LP this morning and also had a look at my previous blu-ray purchase I bought new a while back. I really liked how the 30th anniversary was presented, in particular adding that 64 page booklet, it was nicely done, I think it came out in 2007.

                  Regarding the 4K review, this video link is very interesting from you-tube
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                  The LP.... still in very good condition, and plays well.
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                  • Another good video from John Clancy who always helped the BFCC.


                    • Graham,

                      Did your CE3K soundtrack LP come with the separate disco single (composed/conducted by John Williams) as a bonus? I think I still have mine.


                      • Hi Doug

                        Just the LP nothing extra, that disco single you mention sounds interesting.


                        • Still have it!

                          The soundtrack album is a double sleeve and the bonus disc was in the front one.

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                          • Thanks for that Doug, The LP cover I have is a double cover as well, I went and had another look this now, thinking, mmmm am I missing something here. Sadly its not there, but in saying that, I will have a chat to the good folk at our local record shop later this week and see if they can shine some light to the subject


                            • Last night I managed to watch most of this one, until my young grandson paid me a sneaky visit on his way home, and threw a Mickey Mouse soft toy at me from the back row to get his attention, while that certain young man was hiding under a seat.

                              So that was it for the night however I did manage to take a couple of screen shots in, before I stopped, but can't remember, which one was the good?, the bad? and the ugly?. .
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                              • I have a confession to make, I watched "JAWS" blu-ray again just the other night using the Epson VP. In the unlikely event that one day that I become rich I would most likely buy a 4K video projector. But until that happens the blu-ray will have to do.

                                I do suspect that the blu-ray picture quality is slightly better than the previous blu-ray release, so for a cost of only $25 NZD brand new, for the 4K/blu-ray the "double disc" is a real bargain.

                                Also on both discs, you do have the option to pick out what soundtrack you want to hear. I tried the original "mono" and it sounded good to me, however the choice of how you want to listen to it is yours, just go to the menu..

                                Years ago I did buy brand new the U8 2/400 footer, however I was never that happy with the fact it was a masked print. To watch the film as it should be a Scope release as well would have been nice I understand the Super 8 trailer was in "Scope", anyway I have included John brilliant 4K review, plus some new screen shots from the other night
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