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  • Looks like a nice spot to sling a hammock and have an afternoon nap! 🙂


    • Marty Revisited!
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      How I can't WAIT for this year to be over!
      Happy New Year!


      • Happy new year to you all


        • Marty has the right idea


          • Yvonne was watching this movie on TV yesterday, which reminded me, that I might still have our old cinema banner up in the garage rafters. I did find it in a carboard sleeve, but it still had liquifaction from the 2011 earthquakes. Anyway after a mop down with washing up liquid and a good hose down, I left it outside to dry and air in the sun, the end result was not to bad

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            • Fantastic poster Graham!


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                • New Year's Day on Bute.


                  • Thanks Ali

                    We had a bit of a slide evening for everyone, at there request I should add. Some of Scotland from the 1990s visits.

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                    Dunoon.."West Bay", shame to see it so quiet, back in the 1960s the place was a real buzz.
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                    I am not sure the location of the above photo, but Steven and April had a great time in Scotland.
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                    I think that's the Benmore Gardens.
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                    Coming from New Zealand April and Steven were surprised how warm the water was up in the highlands.
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                    You can't start the day without a plate of porridge at my parent place
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                    No trip to Scotland can be complete unless you go to Glasgow and visit the Kelvingrove art gallery...... Yvonne thought the Glasgow shops were great...
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                    Glasgow and my old primary school. Its interesting to think back, that what you see there was the boys entrance, the other side of the building was the girls. The playgrounds were separate with a wall. That was in the days of half a pint of milk given to every child in the morning break.
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                    This last photo brought back a lot of memories of Glasgow during the 1950s and early 1960s when they used to have little paddle boats in that pond. I spent many a day as a child with friends at Victory Park although we did refer to it as Whiteinch Park. I am not sure if that's how you spell it......looking at that photo it all seems like a million years ago.


                    • Just wanted to thank everyone who posted photos last year, they have been really lovely and both my wife and I really enjoy them.

                      We've been doing a new year tidy up and will shortly be sifting the old film photos so will up some of them on here later on.

                      Found my 1960s Sooty you do
                      Click image for larger version

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                      • Great Pictures Graham! Where was your school in Glasgow? My aunt and cousins lived in Springburn and we used to visit coming up from London every summer holiday in the 1970's and always had a long weekend over on Bute whilst we visited 😊

                        I think you maybe a rugby man, but Tommy Docherty the former Man United and Scotland football manager passed-away over Christmas at the age of 92 - he was born in Shettleston, as was my late mother, and they were both in the same class at school!


                        • Hi Ali

                          Scotstoun primary School. I do remember that having completed my time there, we were all tested to see what Secondary school I was going to and if you were to receive a three or five year secondary education. I just made it to Victory Drive secondary, for a three year education and was probably there for some months before we moved to Dunoon. The education system was set up that, if you did well you got the five years, otherwise you were out at 15 yrs with the three years, everything was graded.

                          I certainly remember the name Tommy Docherty a very popular manager of Scotland.

                          Regarding Shettleston I was once sent on a Datsun coarse to Worthing and the only other person on that coarse from Scotland was from Shettleston Motors, I think at that time they also were a Datsun agency, we were both about the same age. Funny thing though, that in the evening we went to a local pub, and I do remember an old couple challenged us to doubles on the dart board. That old couple from Worthing took both of us to the cleaners every night that week, I don't think we won one, they totally cleaned us out

                          still got it

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                          • Great memories Graham and love the certificate - I remember when Nissan used to be Datsun 😉

                            That was some tough education system they ran up here back in then.

                            Regarding the darts, the World Championships have just finished down in London last Sunday and the runner-up was a former two-time winner and a Scot, Gary Anderson.


                            • Ali I was in 130th Glasgow Boys Brigade for a while, this photo has me in it, looking straight on, second row from the front,, second from the right right, next to a friend of mine. We used to catch the bus there and back every Friday night. The funny thing though that to this day I remember the words...we have an anchor straight and strong and so on, strange how you never forget these things.
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                              I came across this particular photo on the internet taken from castle hill, with Highland Mary looking towards Air which I think is really neat. It sums up the look 1960s Dunoon. The boat was one of the three car ferry, known as A.B.C. boats. Arran, Bute, Cowal. In the background is a little puffer

                              The summers back then were great.
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