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ID:	34053 For Mother’s Day, I got to draw her a card this year. Since she is a huge fan of Peanuts cartoons, it felt like a no brainer to draw the crew!


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ID:	34177 Today my latest episode of my library video show REEL TALK released! This time around I got to talk about racing movies and the history of how Grand Prix was made. Fun times.


      • People have said some department stores sell a lot of crap it may be true especially if it is located just south of water treatment plant! YIKES!


        • This now

          Friday 9.00pm Clear with periodic clouds.

          Temperature 12C/53F.
          Precipitation 6%
          Humidity 81%
          Wind 23km/h

          Me.....cold....wind coming up from Antarctica

          Our street 9pm tonight,....

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            • Busy day yesterday "including rugby" out and about with a certain young man the kids had a great time and Connor got a we certificate

              It was certainly another full on game, but the main thing is they all enjoyed it. Afterwards in the club house I notice that one thing you see with a country club compared with city, is that everyone gets together including those visiting teams and awards given out. The one that stands out is the coach of Connor team pick out the best player of the opposing team and is presented with a prize as well. I think that's really neat as its not all about winning but teaching the kids to have respect for others.
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                So, this week was the last one the semester for my son at college in Indiana. (He's on his way home now!)

                Being that all the papers are in, all the exams complete, all the grades have been posted and the pressure is off (-for a while...), he and his friends decided to go out and enjoy the evening in a way you just can't any more back here at home!

                He thought I just might like to see it. (-and I did!)

                Maybe the next time we're out there, we'll all go.


                • They grow up so fast these days Steve. I was looking at a photo a while ago of Steven taken back in 1997, about the same age of his own son Connor taken just last weekend.

                  Time passes way to quick, it does seem that the older you get the quicker it goes by, got to enjoy that precious short time we have, before they are all grown up.

                  Steven 1997...
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                  Connor last weekend...
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                  • There is certainly a lot of truth to the words in Harry Chapin song. Its one song you never forget.


                    • Today’s major event was making a Bourbon Cherry pie from scratch! Click image for larger version

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                      • Lincoln Thorn ... Now that's a pie. I'd break my Keto diet for a bite of that down home dessert


                        • Janice Glesser Come on over and I’ll warm you up a slice!


                          • When I saw this photo of your "Bourbon Cherry pie" I had to tell my son about your pie Lincoln, when he called in after work, as he has the odd drink of the stuff.

                            Is your pie special to Kentucky?


                            • I’m not a drinker myself, but I like to cook sometimes with alcohol!

                              Cherry isn’t really the typical pie of Kentucky, but it is in my house! Haha. Plus, Ky is the Birthplace to Bourbon, so I felt it was good pairing.

                              I was right! It was very good.


                              • Enjoyed a mini break in sunny Yorkshire UK with plenty of fresh air. On the way back from the east coast in and around Whitby, Dracula country we enjoyed some steam locos at the North Yorkshire Railway. Had a nice walk up the sea wall at Scarborough getting a good soaking when the high tide came over the top. Nothing like it.

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