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  • Love the picture Graham - you missed your 'calling' in life!

    All you needed was a Skipper's cap! 😉


    • When sailing on the Clyde there is no shortage of good fresh air, great for your lungs I think that photo was taken about mid-way across to Kilcreggan .


      • When I was out for one of my walks last week one of the new British Navy's aircraft-carriers was in full view on the Clyde as it sailed past Bute - and even made the island's local paper 🙂


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          • Working away and taken before starting a busy day out of the office. Had a chat with a group of six ladies having a swim as well.

            This is England at its best.
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            • Happy Easter everyone, from a sunny Isle of Bute!


              • Great scooter rally on Bute and boy how I miss my trusty Vespa.

                First day back at Church after lockup and wonderful to see everyone again although in disguise having to wear masks.

                Peace and our love to everyone on this Easter Sunday.

                Today's picture

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                • Just came across this neat Pan Am film from 1970, three years before I came here by ship I should add. I did fly on one Pan Am 707 later, from Seattle to Auckland in Jan 1975. Anyway I thought this might be a bit of a change, beautiful color film from the past. .


                  • That's a great travelogue Graham and wants to make me pack a bag and jet-off to NZ tomorrow! 🙂

                    If my roman-numerals are correct, then its 1959 production for Pathe with that familiar commentary, although I'm not sure why the second 'C' is in the date??


                    • Interesting regarding the year. I had a look at the cars shown and one was a Triumph 2000 and Austin Cambridge. Those cars came out in the late 1960s. When I arrived in NZ, to buy a car was expensive and import duties were a factor, in that a lot of cars on the road were old and mostly British. They did not rust out like the UK.

                      I worked for Mt Cook Airlines from 1986 until 1997 until they closed the engineering base down. The Mt Cook guys on there Facebook page will be able to date the ski planes etc, but most likely know the pilots in the video, they are pretty good at knowing who is who .

                      I am not sure when Pan Am stopped using the 707 on the Pacific run, but do remember the approach to landing at Pago Pago on that January flight. The approach was late at night during a tropical thunderstorm. The 707 was getting thrown around and the decent seemed forever. I should add that Pan Am had lost a 707 on approach to Pago Pago exactly one year before. I also remember seeing the doors to the cockpit swinging open to shut and seeing the pilots at the controls doing there thing. At the last moment the 707 broke through low cloud, did a steep turn, landing gear down and within what seemed like only seconds we were on the ground, what a relief

                      I came across a couple of old photos from 1977 the car I had was a old Ford Consul and the house I rented near the end of the runway. The owners of it also had a pig farm and were really nice people, how times change
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                      • These three Mallard ducks stopped by this morning for a dip in the pool followed by a nap in the sun! Click image for larger version

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                        • Well Ali

                          I linked the video to the Mt Cook Airlines page, and as I thought there were quite a few replies. One person was working at the Hermitage at Mt Cook and remembers the shoot. It was the summer of 1969. Another reply stated that the ski plane pilot was a chap called Charlie Garrow as it was his boss.

                          I new the retired guys would come through with information, there is not much they don't know


                          • Well that would make sense then Graham - someone at Pathe must have had trouble with their Roman numerals! 😉


                            • Its funny to look back to those Mt Cook days, I remember once getting a call at home on my weekend off, asking if I could come in to do a engine change. Yvonne was working and I was looking after Steven who was about nine or ten. I took him with me, the loaders offered to look after him on tarmac, so away he went for most of the day, helping out with the catering etc. To this day he has never forgotten that day, he had a great time, the people I worked with were great. In the evening, myself and one other who also was was dragged in, finished the dart engine change, and Steven joined up with the engine ground runs.

                              I am certainly glad those days are gone, I think I was doing 550-600hrs overtime every year, most of which you had to do. Aviation is a young persons game, at that age you have more get up and go, as you get older that get up and go....goes...
                              I shot some video, which I had taken more before it all became history

                              Anyway it was good while it lasted and some of those flying bricks "HS748" went of to Air North in the Yukon


                              • That's a great video Graham and a good insight as to the ground-crew operations airside at an airport.