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  • -No Explanation!

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    We've had the cat about five years and the clock almost twenty, but all of a sudden the cat is fascinated by the clock!

    -best explanation I can manage is just maybe they're BOTH just a little bit Cuckoo!


    • Saturday Night Show!
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Name:	Saturday Nufgr Show at CineSea 19.jpg
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      So, it's April 27th 2019 and we are at Saturday Night Show the weekend of CineSea 19. On 35mm we have Geoff Curtiss' Cinemeccanica Portacine. For 16mm we have Gary Sloan's matched Eiki Xenons. Super-8 is missing in the picture, so I'm guessing Doug Meltzer's Xenon GS-1200 is just forward of the picture standing between Geoff and Gary's beams. Doug's floor to ceiling screen is standing about 40 feet forward: tonight it's either go Xenon or go home!

      We will be watching all sorts of short films from a great many people in attendance, and possibly even a few sent in by people that couldn't. A comfortable chair is essential, we will be at it until well after midnight.

      Unknown to us on that rainy weekend was this was going to be the very last CineSea at Ocean Holiday. A few months later the owners sold the hotel and the new ones closed the place for renovations immediately. This was a pretty bare bones venue, but it certainly had it's charms. Directly astern the machines are roll up doors out to the parking garage, so there was plenty of fresh air. Beyond that you could walk about a hundred feet and basically be on the beach. Maybe its greatest charm was all the fond memories we still have from there.

      CineSea 22 is on the Horizon: Apr 16th through 18th. As usual, I have a couple of things I want to accomplish before the weekend, I'm thinking I'm now at the border of "plenty of time", and "better get on with it"!


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ID:	29652 Got to work on my β€˜new’ 1974 Schwinn Collegiate some today.


          • My yesterday in a picture.

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            • Originally posted by Lee Mannering View Post
              My yesterday in a picture.

              Click image for larger version Name:	DSC_0004 (2).JPG Views:	0 Size:	108.3 KB ID:	29688
              Is this for your Lancashire Coast update Lee? It looks like Pilling where they cut turf...


              • There were the first signs of spring on the island last week πŸ™‚


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                  • Followed by a sunset that looked like something out of 'War of The Worlds'!


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                        Look: I realize nobody is perfect, and I prove that to myself basically daily.

                        -but who among us takes it to the downright ninja-level of misspelling a vehicle?!

                        (For the record: "refrigeration" is spelled correctly in two other places on this truck!)


                        • Steve

                          That's the kind of thing I would domy spelling is TERRIBLE


                          Those photo's look great Rothesay and the Isle of Bute is a very nice place to live. One place I would like to live is "Inveraray" they have nice fish and chips there .

                          I posted those old phots of me back in the 1970s of late taken in NZ as I was wondering what happened to my green Noddy hat . Anyway one of my far of relations up there in Fort William replied....that looks like my "Grans Tea Cosy" so there you go, you could be living and walking on Mars and that lot up in the Highlands would still say things like that.

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                          Oh! and here is one of my daughter getting her first driving lesson she is now in he 30s and still scares me with her driving

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                          • Must be time for another we nostalgic trip to Rothesay and the Isle of Bute we took on a short visit to Scotland long ago


                            • Great hat Graham - I take milk and 2 sugars please! πŸ˜‹

                              I love that 1982 film you took of your trip down 'the watta' on The Waverley πŸ™‚ I still have my camera, a Sankyo XL620 and if I can get on the paddle-steamer later in the summer then I plan to shoot my first feet of Super8 since 1992! 🀞


                              • There used to be a small ferry boat service operating on the "Clyde" between Gourock and Kilcreggan, called Ritchie's ferry's, no relation I should add, this "long" ago photo is of me on one of them heading to Kilcreggan, it now seems like a million years ago .
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