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  • PS.....Also have it on this format the shorter version


    • Who can remember watching "The Great Escape" when it did its cinema run back in the 1960s? . Tonight I watched it using the Epson VP in the comfort of our home cinema. With a running time of 2hrs 52minutes all up, I was thinking afterwards, how did I manage to sit all that time in that old La Scala cinema so long long ago.

      Although its release was 1963, I would not have watched it until 1964-65 when I was about 12 or 13 years old. The Great Escape was only a handful of films from the 1960s that I remember the most, watching it at the cinema with friends was a far cry from the little 14 inch B/W rental TV we had at home. Looking back I was never much of a TV watcher, except for Lost In Space of Dr Who that was really about it for me. Going to the cinema was really a treat and The Great Escape was one of them.
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      • This one arrived in the post from Amazon in Australia today. "Dunkirk" was a big budget Ealing film made back in 1958. I have watched other films regarding the subject Dunkirk, but this one really stands out. Filmed in B/W, the restoration given looks fantastic. The B/W image is truly stunning to watch using the Epson VP. Its certainly one of the best transfers onto blu-ray that I have seen, sound quality is also very good indeed, with a DTS-HD Master Audio Mono 2.0 mix.

        I would highly recommend getting this one.
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        • We always enjoyed this one at Christmas time hence another screening I don't think it was much of a hit in the US, compared to other countries such as the UK etc. However we like it, David Huddleston is very good in his role as Santa.

          A few years back I picked up the LP. The music is by "Henry Mancini" and like all his music is really good. The icing on the cake is Scottish girl "Sheena Easton" singing "Its Christmas All Over The World" I should also mention, she also did the James Bond hit "For Yours Eyes Only"

          So there you have it, picture and sound on the blu-ray is very good. Its a pity "Santa Claus The Movie" never made it as a edited Scope version onto Super 8, that would have been nice .
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          The LP
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          • No time to die 4K uhd bluray.

            New arrival and if you are in England shopping at Tesco you can get £5 off with a club card.

            Beautiful watch and will treasure this one


            • Last Night:
              Trailer Reel #2, 16mm (Because trailer Reel #1 is S8)
              Do-Re-Mi, Super-8 'scope
              A Train for Christmas, Super-8
              Polar Express from the VP

              Four Projectors, no waiting!


              • Good selection of films Steve We ran The Polar Express at the cinema years ago, always liked the film. A few years back Grandson Connor and myself watched it one Christmas. I been thinking about it again this year, but opted to try out Jim Carry in "A Christmas Carol" instead, made by the same folk who did The Polar Express.


                • Ironically

                  We've just finished watching Christmas Carol 3D one of the best animated 3D films in the archive probably as it was designed for the process. Looks good projected on a 8ft screen.


                  • Tonight’s feature is THE HOBBIT (1977) from Rankin/Bass! Click image for larger version

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                    • The HMV Premium Blu Ray of Fatal Attraction. Print was excellent and was impressed by the sound much clearer dialogue
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                      • Hi Mike,

                        Sounds like a good transfer - does it have the alternative ending? I remember Fatal Attraction - back in the day I was impressed by it.

                        They stood in line around the block around the block for days at the cinema to see that locally.

                        In the late 80's I used to write and review the new cinema releases for our local newspaper. A weekly feature called ."Screen Talk"....this enjoyable venture came on the back of my working on Film 87 with the great Barry Norman. ( he was very helpful and encouraging to me at the time and I had a lot of freelance writing work come my way thanks to him.)

                        I also reviewed film books for Deranns "film for the Collector".

                        Those were the days...

                        Every-so often we would have a private film show at the local cinema to preview a new release for the newspaper - especially at Christmas time. I remember "Scrooged" with Bill Murray being a title one Friday morning. This particular day there was just the cinema manager and myself - the film was just shown privately for my review..well, we only managed the last reel as he brought in a bottle of Scotch and a plate of sandwiches...we finished the lot off just in time to catch the last reel and stagger home!!

                        Mind you I did enjoy "Scrooged" at a later showing.

                        I had happy days for the 3 years back in the late 80's writing for a variety of publications...there were still a few cinemas about in those days of the "grand" variety albeit multi-screen.




                        • Last night I ran a "digest" I made from the White Christmas Blu-Ray. It's a two-reeler (40 minutes) of key scenes and music. It all started when I went looking for the White Christmas soundtrack album, only to find that it does not exist anymore. The intent was to extract the audio to make my own album and then decided to make a video version of a digest movie.

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                          • I bought this blu-ray second hand a while back, I was reluctant to watch it as my thinking up to now, was that its better to watch the "2D" 35mm film print. However tonight I thought I would give the 3D version a go. Well to my surprise, it really looked good in the 3D format, and as such its well worth watching it that way.

                            I was wrong to think the film print was the best way to watch "The Polar Express" which in itself is really good. Certainly the 3D really added a lot more to the viewing experience. Anyway if you have the means to watch 3D, then this one is certainly well worth adding to your collection .
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                            • No Time to Die, the latest Bond on DLP. I'm divided on it so will have to watch again. A good film but not sure if it was really a Bond film.


                              • Originally posted by Brian Fretwell View Post
                                No Time to Die, the latest Bond on DLP. I'm divided on it so will have to watch again. A good film but not sure if it was really a Bond film.
                                I hope you come to enjoy it! I wasn’t a huge fan of the newest one but I liked it more than Spectre! But Daniel Craig was still very enjoyable in the role.