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  • Watched the 1971 film THE HOSPITAL starring George C. Scott (One of my all-time favorite actors). Click image for larger version

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    • By the way folks the "Indiana Jones" blu-rays are all "THX" mixed...



      • Dune (2021) 4K UHD BLu-ray Review

        (posted on Movie Collector channel 1/31/22)


        • I don't know about the 4K Dune but the thought of a 70mm print of Death on the Nile at the Odeon Leicester Square (Mentioned at the end of the review) interests me very much - it's only a bus ride away for me and The Hateful Eight looked superb there.


          • Ed... those reviews are done by a chap on you-tube called "Movie Collector" and well worth subscribing to his channel also "JC" is right into "films" as well .
            I watched "The Sound Of Music" the other night the picture quality as with the sound on the blu-ray is excellent. The picture ratio is 2.20:1

            Screen shots
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            • Graham, I am not subscribed to his channel, but check it regularly along with other film related sites. I know his name is John, but his last name is not mentioned on the channel. The great thing about his channel is that he is equipped to run so many media formats so that when he compares quality of formats, he speaks from experience (not opinion). He mentions another friend who reviews media, but I have not seen any links or full names mentioned.

              Brian, his mention Death on the Nile in IMAX got my attention as well.


              • Yes, it's John Clancy who always helped on the technical side that the BFCCs. I often saw him there he provided the HMI GS1200 used for the really large screen shows there, I believe.


                • Back to digital land last night, with a screening on the VP of "Night At The Museum" We ran the 35mm film print at the cinema, and what I remember it did really well, lots of good promo stuff came with it

                  The trailer for this film was available on Super 8.

                  Its fun stuff picture and sound on the blu-ray was excellent.
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                  • I liked that film for one reason, it was Mickey Rooneys last film. All the way from the "Mickey McGuire" comedies of the 1920's, to "A Night at the Museum".


                    • Updating selective Hammer DVDs with Blu rays heres one to note. Rasputin the Mad Monk Hammer 1966 with Christopher Lee. Great movie had the DVD in the Hammer Black box 21 Film set. Print is one of the better ones but decided to upgrade to DVD & Blu Ray version.

                      Now, I knew there was a problem as reviews complained that sound was poor at title sequence. I went ahead and bought it hoping it was a problem that maybe affected early run of this movie. Anyway there is poor sound on 20th Century logo and title sequence low and tinny. After that it is fine and print is great. The separate DVD is the same and an alternative version on the Blu ray disc with different masking is also identical.

                      I dug out my black box version and it doesn’t have 20th Century logo and sound is great. If I return I know it is a problem all the prints have. There is a region A version but wonder is it better or worse. 😳
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                      • My last posting here folks on blu-rays

                        We watched "The Last Emperor" last night, its outstanding film in every way, I last watched it at the cinema on its release way back in the 1980s, and would highly recommend the blu-ray.


                        • Thanks Ed

                          I have watching a few of late, one being "Apocalypse Now", to be honest I have never been much of a fan of this film, but the other night I thought I would give it a go. Its certainly well made, but afterwards it had me thinking, how did they manage to sell this film to the public in 1979, after all it was only a few years after the US pulling out, I think that was in 1975.

                          "Apocalypse Now" is certainly a hard hitting film, both picture and sound on the blu-ray are excellent. This one is two discs full of extras which I must take the time to watch. I understand its out in 4K as well.
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                          • Graham, I picked up the 4K UHD 40th anniversary edition (6 discs!). It is stunning in 4K. I agree, it is difficult to watch but brilliantly done. I can remember trying to see it in 1979 and it was sold out.


                            • Wasn't it "sold" at least in Britain as the first Dolby 5.1 film (in 70mm)? I know I went to see it in 70mm at the then ABC 1 Shaftsbury Avenue to listen to the circling helicopter rather than at a local cinema.


                              • After "Apocalypse Now" the other night I needed to relax with something a bit more easy.

                                This British film is really superb, filmed mostly in Scotland, but what really nailed it was the kids, they were fantastic, in particular the little girl who wanted to take her rocks on holiday and would hold her breath until she got her own way.... sounds familiar.

                                The movie was a absolute joy to watch from start to finish. excellent picture and sound.

                                Highly recommend it
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                                My daughter used to do that.....
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