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ID:	74835 Click image for larger version  Name:	6BA96FFC-EDDA-43D7-9CC2-D3BF54D62A84.jpg Views:	0 Size:	56.1 KB ID:	74834 The Adventures of Errol Flyn superb 1.5 hour documentary from TCM. Only available on Region 1. Brilliant documentary with great quality footage from his movies and television work. It covers his life and career from beginning to end. Availability on eBay at very reasonable and silly prices. Made in 2005 with comprehensive input from Olivia De Havilland.


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      Watched the restored version (2k Bluray from the 4K scan of the restored version)

      Marlon Brando’s only directorial effort, One-Eyed Jacks, receives a much needed upgrade from Criterion, who present the film on Blu-ray in its original aspect ratio of 1.85:1. The 1080p/24hz high-definition presentation comes from a new 4K restoration of the film undertaken by Universal Pictures and The Film Foundation, and was scanned from the original 35mm 8-perforation VistaVision negative and a Y-separation master.

      Despite getting the backing of a major studio, Paramount Pictures, One-Eyed Jacks somehow fell into the public domain and since then it has been primarily available on fairly lousy VHS and DVD releases you could find in bargain bins everywhere (there was also a previous Blu-ray edition, unseen by me, but by all accounts it looks terrible). This new restoration is really an eye-opener and the image looks fantastic on all fronts. Even just the first few seconds of the opening credits look spectacular: the credits only feature a brick wall as the background with some simple “western” paraphernalia laid about, yet the level of detail in these simple credit compositions is incredible. Once we get to the action that level of detail doesn’t relent. Close-ups and long shots both deliver and every minor detail and texture comes through remarkably well. The landscape, the sets, the sky, the waves of a crashing ocean, everything looks so remarkably crisp and clean.

      Film grain is rendered amazingly well, remaining natural in look and free of noise. No other artifacts or problems seem to pop up. Most impressively, though, is that the team behind the restoration has worked miracles because I don’t recall a single blemish ever coming up. Colours look accurate, or at least are where I expected them to be, and black levels are also strong allowing for excellent shadow detail.

      Here is a new trailer (a superb fan-edit, but lacking the original Hugo Friedhofer score):

      And here is the introduction Martin Scorsese gave at the Film Foundation premiere of the restored version:

      Finally, here is Hugo Friedhofer's score from the film:


      • Last night "Taste the Blood of Dracula" which seems to lead straight on from "Dracula has Risen from the Grave". 95 minutes, but after seeing the Derann 400ft version seems a bit long, perhaps because of the absence of Christopher Lee's Dracula for most of the running time.


        • Mildred Pierce. Never really a Joan Crawford fan but it is a very good film thriller. This was her 1st Warner Bros movie. Click image for larger version

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ID:	74986 Watched a comprehensive documentary on her career afterwards. When I checked the participants afterwards they were alive in 2007 but all dead now. Film director Vincent Sherman was a naughty boy and lived to be just shy of 100


          • After watching "Titanic" in 3D the other night, I was going to give the 3D thing a break for this week, however after charging the Epson glasses the other night, I thought mmmm... why not lets watch "Jurassic Park in 3D, again" so I did. One scene that really stands out in 3D and there are many, is when the jeep is stuck up a tree, the effects is really something to watch through those Epson glasses.
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            • While in town yesterday I came across this title on the $5 dollar second hand shelf. I picked it up and thought..mmmm.. I would give it a go, well last night projecting it using the Panasonic VP and what a surprise. I would have to give this one a 10 out 10 its an absolutely stunning film to watch. I would highly recommend "The Eagle Huntress", Sony Pictures Classics have done a brilliant transfer with this one. If you don't mind sub-titles, I would certainly add this blu-ray to your list.
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              • I watch the latest Sam Mendes film, Empire of Light:

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                Since it is set in classic old cinema in the UK, it is something any film enthusiast will find interesting.

                Plot: What’s it about?

                Movies about mental health are hit and miss. It’s a balance as to how to portray someone with issues without going off the deep end (or the other direction, playing it too safe). But in Empire of Light we’re surrounded by a great, talented cast that seem to know their limits and this is what helps the film work. It doesn’t hurt that Sam Mendes is behind the camera, he gave us American Beauty and Skyfall just to name a few. The film, to me, seems like the kind of project that would seem destined for award shows. It received no nominations, most likely to the chagrin of the cast and crew. But if you wanted to tune into a human-driven melodrama set back in the early 1980’s in a coastal English town – you’ve arrived.

                Here are a few scenes from the projection booth:


                • Seriously Red 2022

                  Excellent Australian Movie Red played by Krew Boyan

                  Fired from her real estate job, Red pursues her dream of becoming the world's greatest Dolly Parton impersonator. When her act attracts the attention of an amorous Elvis impersonator and a powerful booking agent, she soon gets catapulted into the top tier of copycat performers, becoming the onstage and romantic partner of the top Kenny Rogers impersonator.



                  • A while back I got the double feature blu-ray of My Girl/My Girl 2. I had never watched any of those films in the past, so thought, well its something different.

                    Last night I finished the second one and thought they were both quite good movies, nothing special, just a nice change. Both image and sound is very good so took a couple of screen shots of My Girl 2 ,1994..
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                    • You could post one of those pictures in the "projectors in films" thread too, if it isn't already there.


                      • Last night "The Italian Job" certainly one of my favorite movies from the 1960s I once had a mini cooper back in the late 1960s it used to go like a rocket. It would be worth a fortune now.

                        This three disc arrived today so just had to watch "The Curse Of The Were Rabbit" tonight, excellent blu-ray picture transfer complete with a DTS 5:1 track cant ask for more. I still have the excellent 35mm trailer from those long ago days.
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                        • OK, it's not Blu-ray, but, having watched season 1 of Speibergs "Amazing Stories", I bought season 2 of this show. I always liked season 1, not ground shaking, but always entertaining. On our Blu-ray player, and the 4K TV, this show really looks good.


                          • My 35mm trailer of the above blu-ray title of "The Curse Of The Were Rabbit" I new I had it .
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                            • This was it tonight again from 1976, anyway we wanted to watch something that's enjoyable, not to long. I have certainly had my $10 dollars worth from this second hand blu-ray, its a film you never get tired watching

                              Screen shots from a past one .
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                              • Rewatched The Fabelmans in 4K last night after work! I really loved this picture at the theater and loved it even more the second go around in 4k!

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