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  • The trailer..


    • Ah... Gone with the Wind... I must confess that I have never made it through a single sitting without falling asleep, but I do have the bluray and it is on my to-watch list... one day I will hopefully make it through.

      it was my late father’s favourite film of all time.. I think he must have watched it once a month from the time that films became accessible at home through VHS first and later of course DVD and Bluray... whenever I visited he wanted to show it to me again... he passed away in 2017 at age 93 and was still right up there with all the dialog and could recite most of it from memory. In my eulogy to him I made special reference to GWTW and how I would reserve a seat for him should he pop around on good Sunday afternoon... amazing the power of films.


      • A good job you didn't visit my home cinema, in 90s we watched gone with the wind virtually every Sunday for nearly a year on S8 with groups visiting from various social settings. Half time English tea and Scones were served. The most memorable S8 experience of my projecting life.

        TITANIC 3D for us the Mr Cameron epic. A good conversion and pretty epic for Titanoracs


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          I put off viewing this film for several years after seeing negative reviews but decided to take the plunge and give it a go.

          My son had seen the theatrical release and said isn't wasn't great, with some things not being properly explained but that the ultimate edition, with around 30 mins footage, was very good indeed.

          I've kind of lost faith in hollywood movies (and movies and TV in general) of late, so it was really refreshing to watch this film without being conscious of anything other than a good old fashioned adventure story being told.

          It's very well directed and acted and never gets boring (and at 3 hours long, that's saying something). The last 30 minutes or so are a bit 'big fight with big CGI monster' but overall, I found it to be an excellent film.

          The one thing I was wary of, having been a fan of Superman comics since the 1960s, was the portrayal of Lex Luthor by Jessie Eisenberg. I was aware that a lot of people didn't enjoy his take on the character but I really liked it. It's very different to the comics of old but still highly watchable.

          It's not as jokey as some of the Marvel films and goes for a more 'gritty' realism (if that's possible in a film about flying aliens).

          I would highly recommend this film to anyone who enjoys the superhero genre.


          • Jeepers Lee, you watched GWTW almost every week for a year

            To be honest in general I dislike long films even though I screened all the "Lord Of The Rings" films at the cinema, I have as yet to watch any of them. The thought of sitting that long puts me off. I remember our cinema owner sitting through a test screening of one of them, he came to see me afterwards in the projection room and said he was bringing his family to see it that night. I replied "your kidding", your not going to sit through that again? his reply was a and he did, each to there own I guess .

            I will say there are exceptions like Titanic" that's good or "Dances With Wolves" I can sit through. Another long drag I remember running at the cinema was "Pearl Harbor" I felt I could have carefully left out a few reels and it wouldn't have made any difference .

            Last night I did watch the restored blu-ray of "Night To Remember" on the Epson VP. Of all the Titanic films, this one I consider the best. It really looks great, they have done a excellent job of restoring it. When I watch "Night To Remember" I can't help but think that James Cameron had copied a lot from this movie. One downer on his "Titanic" was the mistake of showing Murdoch shooting a passenger, then shooting himself, that was all wrong, which upset the towns people of where Murdoch is remembered. Paramount did apologize over that.
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            • From the other night.
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              • It's a pity that UK repeats of the show "Upstairs Downstairs" haven't got to the point where the lady of the house (Lady Margery) decides to go to America on RMS Titanic yet. A rather unsubtle way of writing out a character.


                • Watched the blu-ray on the VP of "Letters from Iwo Jima" when I first saw this film at a city cinema I thought this is really good, and also thought, that if I could get a 35mm print for the cinema our sound system could really do it more justice than what I heard in town. There were only ever a few prints in NZ. The film never really had a general release, certainly not in the big multiplexes anyway, but after about 5 months I did get the offer of one of those prints.

                  Booking a film that is in Japanese with English sub-titles was something that the cinema staff were not sure of and probably thought I was nuts , as we were situated in a more industrial area of town with mostly young families in the area....would it work ......

                  I took the gamble slotted into a 8pm Saturday and hoped for the best. Well the result was, it did very well, with folk outside the area coming to see it after reading our paper add, and thankfully the film did very well with good feedback from our customers. I always thought Clint Eastwood did a excellent job directing "Letters from Iwo Jima" . I still have the movie poster hanging up and the 35mm trailer.
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                  • The Little Mermaid 4k UHD new release
                    At long last 30 years on we get to see it as we remember with our children at the Kinema.

                    The S8 for me was a huge disapointment...for once.

                    The 3D blu ray rework was excellent.

                    4K UHD. Reely nice but a little dark at the start. Detailed yes but missing some shadow detail. Picky a little there sorry.
                    Atmos sound wonderful and I'm guessing this is about the best we will hear and sea sorry see this family favourite in our lifetime.
                    A recommended 4k UHD.


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ID:	30148 4K UHD Blu-Ray £14.99 shop around :-)


                      • Well this was a pleasant surprise from amazon in the US, much quicker post than I thought it would be. As well they had taken $30 US of the price "gift" . It must be from the blu-ray discs I have bought from the past through various countries, I guess. Anyway at $24 NZ all up including postage it was excellent value.

                        Right for the movie itself. It states that "Pelle the Conqueror" is the 30th Anniversary restoration. I certainly won't dispute that, as the picture and sound is excellent. The English sub-titles are very easy to read as well. "Film Movement Classics" who released this blu-ray, have done a excellent transfer. Also included is a booklet, which makes interesting reading. The disc is A,B.C, ie basically ALL zones.

                        We first saw this film at the cinema back in 1987 by mistake, going into the wrong screening. I still remember thinking, this is a long trailer, until the penny dropped. Looking around there were quite a few folk, so we decided to stay and see it out. Afterwards Yvonne who I should add, does not like sub-titles, said along the lines, that was good. What struck me then, as it still does now, is the stunning photography which really captures the feeling of the place. The editing unlike so much we see these days which is fast, was done slower, giving the viewer time to take things in.

                        Hailed as wonderful by Leonard Maltin, the film was the winner of the 1987 Academy Award for best foreign. Also "Max von Sydow" was nominated for best Actor.

                        Here are a couple of screen shots...
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                        • I always thought this was one of the best ending to a film.


                          • Watched the blu-ray of "The Book Thief" last night on the Epson VP, very good movie. Its been a couple of years since I last watched it, but it was well worth another viewing.


                            • Another 1971 Dr Who story, The Daemons an omnibus edition, restored in HD from a B&W 16mm film telerecording and off air NTSC color betamax recording with sound remixed to 5.1. Again showing the skill if the passionate team of restorers involved.
                              An HD scan of the film is needed to produce an undistorted picture to match the off-air colour signal. Both sources need to be converted back to 50i video (from 25p and 60i respectively) for this.


                              • 4K UHD Blu-Ray. THE TEN COMMANDMENTS New Release this month.

                                A lovely Easter treat now available in 4K and reely does blow your home Cinema screen away with gorgeous detail, colour and sound. I've not regretted installing a 4K Cinema system here and its certainly bolstered our movie experience along with the HID 8mm projector and souped up 9-5 Sound projector.

                                They bundled 2 regular BR in the boxed set with the 1956 4K UHD disc making for a very nice set around £22.