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  • Just finished watching "The Man Who Never Was" I first watched this film on 16mm Scope years ago. The Scope print and the film itself I always thought was excellent. I never did get my hands on a print, so the blu-ray will have to do. My understanding is that this film was based on a "true story" which in itself is remarkable. The image of the blu-ray is not the greatest, but in saying that is certainly more than acceptable.

    I would still highly recommend it.
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    • Now this is one animated film that you really don't hear to much about "The Iron Giant" from 1999. If you have never watched it, then this is one blu-ray I would highly recommend looking out for, its a excellent story. There is a choice of two versions on the blu-ray. The theatrical release, or what they call the signature edition.

      The animation is outstanding as with the DTS 5:1 sound, the picture ratio is 2.4:1. This blu-ray would is a excellent addition to any movie collection.

      The menu
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      • Graham,

        The Iron Giant is a wonderful film and there are multiple references to it in current pop culture. In Ready Player One, we see the IG under construction and again during the climax.

        In the TV series Ted Lasso, the coach screens the movie for his team, noting that they'll be crying when they reach a scene that's 74 minutes in. Sure enough, the tears are flowing at that point.


        • The Iron Giant is one of my favorites! I screened it for a few friends a couple weeks ago and had a couple of them crying by the end of it.


          • Tonight's feature: THE INNOCENTS. A classic of the genre and beautiful movie. Click image for larger version

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            • A long long time ago in a galaxy far far way well it does seem like it I went to the cinema. I think it was around 1982 to watch "Blade Runner", half way through I thought of leaving, something I had never felt like doing at the cinema before. I did not leave until the end but only "just". "Blade Runner" did not work for me at all

              When I look back my thoughts are, was I tired or what?, was it more the era for films like "ET" which came out around the same time, we watched that one three times at the cinema. Jump forward many years with the release of Blade Runner the final cut which I think today is great.

              So the other night I thought I would check out the actual 82 cinema release, and see if at the time, it was just me and not the film. It wasn't long before the downhill slide started, with Harrison Ford voice over on many scenes. I understand he was not keen on doing it but had to, in fact it continued at times until the end as they were driving of into the distance

              After watching this 82 version, after all those years, the conclusion I came to, that my feeling at the time was justified and not just being tired after a long day. Thankfully for the film Ridley Scott came back in later years with the final cut. All that voice over was removed, as with that ending. The result of the final cut is a much better film, than that rush job back I sat through back in 1982.
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              • I have heard that it wasn't a "rush job" but studio intervention that lead to the original version.


                • More like this morning / early afternoon as opposed to last night.

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                  Cannot say that I have seen it before, but was a very enjoyable 3 hour+ experience complete with Intro / Exit / Intermission music, just like the old days! Very nice colour, too, but only had the stereo mix on so can't comment on the 5.1


                  • The Lone Wolf 'scope Super 8 prints of El Cid by Rank Labs were very good, a lot better than the UFA flat ones from Buck on Fuji. I have a couple of reels of that as well as the Blu Ray.


                    • We watched Don't Look Now, a 1973 chiller starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie. A good film ruined by several shots of a nude Sutherland butt, and an explicit 10 minute sex scene between Sutherland and Christie, none of which added anything to the story.
                      The 1970's really were a decade of some tasteless films.


                      • Watching my year revisit of the Hanna Barbera/Ray Bradbury classic: The Halloween Tree. Something I’ve watched every Halloween since I was 9 (I’m almost 30 now). Click image for larger version

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                        • Last night it was this one I checked our old cinema projection room paperwork that I still have, and this 35mm print arrived on July 2002. I still remember thinking at the time, what is this film all about as we had lots of 35mm prints back then coming and going. The title seemed to me a bit strange, but when the film did its run, it really did very well, in fact we had quite a number of private cinema hires with this one.

                          I eventually got round to watching it at the cinema and was very impressed with the script, the acting, in particular with Toni Collette who played the part of his mother suffering from bouts of depression. I felt she really got it across how devastating it is. Hugh Grant was was perfect for this role, as with Nicholas Hoult who played Marcus.

                          So folks if you have never seen this film, do take time to watch it I would certainly recommend it.

                          PS By the way the soundtrack CD by Baldy Drawn Boy is also excellent
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                          • El Cid eluded us on film for some time but the new blu ray is sheer joy.

                            League of Gentlemen blu ray Network very good indeed.


                            • Well that was a long haul 2hrs 45 minutes to be exact. Picture quality looked great using the Epson VP. On the sound side DTS 5:1. very good

                              It certainly was a bit of a blast from the past, watching quite a line up of cast from 1974

                              I will have to find some time to go through the special features
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                              • Picked up the 30th anniversary second hand this week so watched it tonight using the Epson VP, Both picture and sound as was the disc were excellent, brilliant score by Jerry Goldsmith
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