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  • The new BFI release of "I Start Counting" the first starring role for Jenny Agutter. I remember going to see this in 1970 just because she was in it, having watched her in the soap "The Newcomers". A good transfer by MGM from a 35mm interpositive. Unfortunately reels 2 and 3 covering from 10 -30 minutes into the film seems to have some water damage to the far right hand side of the picture. The story of a nearly 15 year-old girl, Wynne, who feels she is in love with her nearly 20 year older brother (by adoption) whose fiance she had found dead after falling down the cellar stairs of their old house. They are now living (3 generations) in a high rise flat and local women are being murdered. Circumstances make her feel that her brother is the killer and she puts herself in danger investigating. A rather disturbing tale during the adolescence of Wynne especially as she finds the body of her best friend in the same cellar and the real killer is still around.

    I seem to remember this being on a double bill with Mosquito Squadron. (Bryan Marshall is in both) but IMDB shows them a being released a year apart. Maybe the distributer didn't know what to do with this film after premiere and delayed release. I know it wasn't in all the cinemas on the South London circuit.


    • SPACEBALLS 4K Ultra HD

      Gorgeous watch and so many memories when I used to project the S8 ex airline feature followed by Star Wars back in el day. Really high def work by Kino yet again and a worthy treat for your collection. Oh so funny!


      • Get Carter, the Michael Caine, Newcastle version. The town (and Gateshead) certainly has changed a bit since this was filmed. I wondered where the Federation Brewery was and this time I managed to see its sign, rather out of focus, in the the background of one shot. When this current lockdown is fully over I will have to visit again.


        • Daleks Invasion Earth 2150AD. A Techniscope 2 perf pull down film scanned from a full frame inter-negative (from what was shown in the restoration extra) though they said it was an inter-positive what they showed was definitely a masked colour negative with an orange base.

          I'll have to compare the trailer with the Derann release sometime. It looked as if there had been no restoration of that on the disc.


          • Boy this was a long one 3hr and something , good movie last night though, using the Epson VP
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            • After watching those brilliant photos coming from Mars. Last night I again watched the 3D Ridley Scott movie "The Martian". Its as close as anyone on this planet will ever get to see what its like being there like this. The CGI 3D artists have put together some amazing images in 3D for this movie.

              3D Video projection either at the cinema or at home, is really in its element over 3D on film which I have screened in the past, which to be honest, does not even come close to what you can watch in the digital format. "The Martian" like "Passengers" and a few others shot in 3D are really something

              Even older films converted like "Jurassic Park" are out of this world in 3D .

              Anyway back to "The Martian" all I can add, is that its brilliant I did take a couple of quick screen shots before the 3D really kicked in

              The Epson projector along with the Epson Active glasses has been a great combination
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              • Watched the enjoyable Class of 1984 last night! Roddy McDowall is so terrific in that film. Click image for larger version

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                • Yesterday was a Bank Holiday in the UK and so as expected...... it poured down.
                  So I was left with a TV and Blu Ray machine and watched one of the best films I have seen for a long time.....

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                  • DOCTOR SLEEP, the sequel to THE SHINING. Outstanding picture quality and good use of surround sound. I selected Dolby 5.1 but it has Atmos also. Very absorbing film and quite different to the first film but we do get a visit to the Overlook hotel at the end. The hotel set was also used in READY PLAYER ONE apparently. Projected on my faithful Panasonic AE2000.


                    • We REELY love reading what people are watching as it can often give us ideas for future viewing. (sorry to keep saying reely but its part of my 60th birthday things to type it 60 times nearly done now) 😁

                      Watched the new 4K scan of CURSE OF THE WEREWOLF from Scream Factory. My goodness it is a thing of beauty so colorful and full of detail from negative No1. Pumped it into the 4K video projector and into the sound system enjoying Olly Reed on this region A disc probably the best quality all round of a Terence Fisher project. 93 minutes of admiration for the film and the restoration project reely wonderful.


                      • "A Bugs Life" using the Epson VP .

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                        • SMALLEST SHOW ON EARTH is on sale at NETWORK UK £8 in case anyone is looking for it. Excellent quality as well.



                          • This is one I have had for a while but have not got round to watching it on The VP until two night ago.

                            What a pleasant surprise, its really very well made, full of twists and turns. I like a story that is "not predictable" and this well crafted movie, is of the best that I have come across in a very long while, eg are the good guys really good?. Outstanding script and acting, edge of the seat stuff, made in 2018 I think.
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                            • Two night ago, well this blu-ray came from France last year, but I have to remember to select English

                              One thing I like about Airport 1975 is the use of a actual aircraft'

                              This particular 747 was rented from American Airlines for the film, later it was leased to Trans Mediterranean Airways in 1976, later sold as a converted freighter to UPS for 20 years. Retired to desert storage in 2005 and scrapped in 2011.

                              Anyway back to movie, great stuff from the 1970s, watching it, did remind me a lot of the movie "Airplane" my favorite Super 3/400footer

                              Some screen shots from the other night using the Epson VP.
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                              • Last night the Granada Sherlock Holmes story "The Speckled Band" off the German Koch Media set, which thankfully also has an English sound option. Great picture quality from the 16mm original production the only giveaway that it is not 35mm is when titles are put over the action.