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  • Stunning B/W picture projected last night using the Epson VP .

    Highly recommend this blu-ray

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    A couple of quick screen shots from last night .
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    • Inside Man superb heist thriller with top notch cast Denzil Washington Clive Owens Jodie Foster and late Christopher Plummer plus supporting cast. Film you need to watch more than once directed by the very underrated Spike Lee.
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      • Mike,

        I totally agree. Inside Man is brilliantly directed and has a great script by Russel Gewirtz that's full of twists & turns.


        • The Thing 1982 4K UHD blu-ray 2021. A beautiful watch along with stunning sound.


          • Full on action packed tonight with "Hunter Killer" starring Gerald Butler, a far cry from his role in the "Dear Frankie" film .

            Its not the first time I have watched this blu-ray and most likely wont be the last, its great stuff to watch on the Epson .
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            • Tonight’s entertainment: THE LAST OF SHEILA (1973) Click image for larger version

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              • The Secret of Santa Vittoria an exotic performance by Anthony Quinn in gentle Stanley Kramer comedy. Villagers hide 1 million bottles of wine from invading German army at end of WW2. The dialogue and scenes between Anthony Quinn and Anna Magnani are a delight of martial bliss.

                Good definition and transfer.
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                • Finished watching Titanic on 3D using the Epson VP. The 3D conversion is excellent with a screen ratio of 1.78:1.

                  The 3D feature is on two discs, at the end of part one a notice comes up to change over to the second 3D disc. Then away you go, I can't remember the exact running time, but it is certainly a long one Included in this four disc blu-ray set is the 2D version of the full feature with a 2.40:1 ratio. Disc four is special features, lots, over 6 hours of them. All up this blu-ray is really something, for me I have to be in the right frame of mind to sit through long movies like Titanic these days, tonight was one of them. The 3D image gives you amazing detail, watching it in this way is really something, you cant ask for more .
                  Click image for larger version

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                  • 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray

                    THE LITTLE MERMAID

                    A beautiful watch and a popular one here.
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                    OH also recently watched the 4K disc of WIZARD OF OZ. My late father used to hire this on 16mm every Christmas to watch with the family on the Bell & Howell 642 very fond memories before we all got tucked up in bed hoping Santa would call. Wish Dad was still around to see that disc now being projected.
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                    • Rewatched the very enjoyable (and personal favorite) A Christmas Carol starring George C. Scott! Click image for larger version

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                      • Willow 1988


                        • Blackout; the 1978 Canadian terror film with Robert Carradine.


                          • I had been putting of watching this one for a while, but tonight I wanted to watch something easy going for a change, so it was blu-ray "Paper Planes" remember we used to do things like that? . Anyway its a feel good "G" rated Australian film, projected tonight using the Epson


                            • Great scary Aussie flick NEXT OF KIN directed by Tony Williams. Very spooky and shot beautifully. Click image for larger version

Name:	9FF10275-102C-4154-A046-47AD52D4B99B.jpeg
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                              • Not tonight but last night of another screening of "The Flight Of The Phoenix".

                                The picture quality is really very good, its one of those movies I can sit back, press the remote on the VP and just enjoy. . When I worked at the cinema we did run the re-make, which I thought was also well done in its own right. I wonder where "that" 35mm print got to?. Anyway this blu-ray release also includes a neat little 19 page booklet that comes with it.

                                The casting is really spot on in this 1965 original, with James Stewart and Hardy Kruger in particular.
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