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  • Over the weekend I watched 3 blurays - Sweeney! - with John Thaw and Dennis Waterman - with its original X certificate followed by the sequel - Sweeney 2 - again with its original AA certificate and finally Richard Burton and Lee Remick in The Medusa Touch.


    • "The Book Thief" excellent story and well acted out, projected using the Epson VP.

      Excellent blu-ray picture and sound quality
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      • Watched "Its A Mad Mad World" on The Epson last week from the Criterion Collection, you can't get better than this, picture and sound are excellent .

        Highly recommend this one

        Just remember folks its under the big "W" I will say it again the big "W"

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        • Your are making me feel very old Graham. I saw this at the Seattle Cinerama when I was a kid. Alas, the "Big W" is gone, as are most of the film's cast. As far as I can tell the only surviving cast member of note is Barry Chase.

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          • "Whale Rider" the other night using the Epson. Its been quite a while since I last watched it.

            When I worked at the cinema we were chosen to do the City Premiere Charity Screening of "Whale Rider". I put the 35mm print together, and both the manager her son and me came in very early on a Sunday morning to do a test interlock screening of the film only a couple of days prior to the event. Everything went really well that Sunday morning, but the day before the big night, my baby, the Bauer packed up. The Xenon would not ignite .

            I called in our local electrician who could fix anything toasters, popcorn machines anything so he had ago pulling things apart as you do. Our cinema manager walked in to the projection room, took one look at the bits on the floor and looked at me.

            For a person not known to panic she really had the look of horror and PANIC. She said to me that both screens are all sold out for the interlock, we have a Maori welcoming group arriving as well, we have palm trees coming, we have the director and cast of the film arriving, flying in from Auckland, and the projector "my baby" was in bits.

            I told her with fingers crossed behind me, don't worry our electrical friend will figure it out. Well he did, replaced the faulty part and the Xenon kicked back into life

            On the big night the interlock went without any problems "perfect" you might say however the cinema owner told me later, that as he was introduced to the director and cast, all he could think of was the picture in his mind of the Bauer in bits the day before. He did finish with one comment to me ......"never again" .I don't blame him

            My baby the Bauer U4 now lives quite happily with me now at home .
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            • Picked up "Unstoppable" blu-ray X rental for $5 today watched it tonight on the Epson VP. This would the first time I have watched the movie since we ran the 35mm print at the cinema way back in late 2010. For train fans its a good one .



              • Someone once said this film is that bad its good

                True in my view, its a fun ride, but no way take it serious .

                Forget Kevin Costner as Robin Hood, its Alan Rickman as the evil Sheriff that steals this show. I have only watched the Theatrical version at present on the Epson VP. Both picture and sound are very good, so for all you merry men and ladies out there give it a go.
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                • I believe there is more of Alan Rickman in the extended version because some of his role was cut in the theatrical one due to it taking attention from Cosner.
                  One of only two versions of the legend to feature a Saracen character, Richard Carpenter said that he believed it was due to them watching Robin of Sherwood in which he introduced one for the first time


                  • "Aliens" the directors cut blu-ray using the Epson VP.

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                    • Well after the Super 8 print of "Airplane" last night, I just had to screen "Airport 75" straight after it. It was very much a aviation night .
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                      • Two nights ago it was again "R.V" on blu-ray I checked our old cinema paper work and the 35mm print arrived in June 2006 for three months. I always liked "R.V", Robin Williams was his usual brilliant self, it was one fun film to watch.

                        If you have never seen it, do take the time to watch it, its well worth it
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                        • Our grandaughter picked this one to watch tonight on the Epson. If you have never watched it, you are really missing out on the never before seen stunning 65mm film footage that was taken at the time.

                          Highly recommend it.
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                          • Watched "Bullitt" again on blu-ray the other night using the Epson VP.

                            This is one movie I never get tired watching now this is one car chase should have been put onto Super 8 years ago

                            Oh! that " Mustang" now that would be some car to own , but lets not forget about the now famous green VW. .



                            • Well folks if you want to watch a well made depressing movie "The Road" is the one, watched it the other night, I gather it did the cinema run back in 2009.

                              Don't watch the trailers on you-tube, as they kind of make the film look more uplifting than it actually is. Its certainly well acted in particular young Australian actor Kodi Smit-McPhee. Its a excellent movie, but its not for the faint hearted hence the rating. It was interesting to see Robert Duvall in it, Just only the other night he was in 1968 Bullitt as the taxi driver.
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                              • Last Night I watched A Clockwork Orange on 4k with the commentary by Malcolm McDowell and historian Nick Redman. Great 4K disc, probably the worst looking kubrick blu ray but is still an upgrade from the horrible blu ray from a few years ago.