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  • Now here is a blast from the past 1973 to be exact. I think this was the last film Edward G Robinson starred in. Picture quality is very good as with the sound.

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    • Dracula Collector’s edition of the movie. Finally the restored colour version of Frank Langella John Badham the way it was shown in cinemas in 1979 not the drained version that has appeared time and again on DVD and Blu Ray. Super print and sound.

      Another 8mm memory and editing challenge with the promo 400 and 2x400 bought for the princely sum of £12.00 for all three new from Derann stall at Blackpool convention in 1986.
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      • "Fargo" I really enjoyed this one. One thing I noticed as most of the film was shot in the snow, the Epson projector really gives an outstanding pure white light, you just about need to wear your sunglasses to watch it.

        Picture and sound are excellent.
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        • Fargo is a great film on so many levels. Surprisingly the Fargo TV series (streaming on Netflix) is just as good!


          • The Seven Ups. Superb print and sound clarity. I picked up dialogue that you never heard on previous film and dvd versions. Great car chase from the master Bill Hickman who previous masterpieces were Bullitt and The French Connection.
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            • The Killers 1946. Superb version of Ernest Hemingway novel. Breakout movie for Burt Lancaster and Ava Gardner. Much improved version on Blu ray compared to the earlier DVD. Print is much sharper and negative marks on DVD have been removed.
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              • Last night myself and my granddaughter who requested this title, watched "Schindler's List" on the Epson.
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                • Last night I thought I would watch the 3D version of "Hugo" once again, using the Epson VP and glasses. Directed by Martin Scorsese, I think this was the first 3D film he had made. I first watched it at the cinema when it came out, and thought then it was very well made. If you like a bit of film history this one is fun to watch. I noticed in one scene, during a filming in the studio from the silent days, the man himself Martin Scorsese behind the camera winding away, doing a Alfred Hitchcock you might say

                  All up, either in 3D or just the 2D, both versions are certainly worth a watch
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                  • A long long time ago we were on our way home one Summer Sunday afternoon, back in 1993-94. We decided to quickly call in to the Hollywood cinema in Sumner and see what was on. The film they were running was "Free Willy", never heard of it, but lets give it a go I thought. Out here at the time "Free Willy" appeared to be one of those films that seemed to come out of the blue.

                    It was a hit with everyone, and unlike many films where folk head to the door during the end credits, Michael Jackson number "Will You Be There" kept everyone seated.

                    What happened after the films release is a story in itself, as kids worldwide wrote letters to "Warner Bros". The result was the only time I can think of, where a major studio like "Warner Bros" got involved both with time and money to help Keiko the star of the film. Although Keiko died a few years back, he did get to spend some time "free" swimming in the ocean.

                    Back in 1997 I bought the VHS tape shown below and much later the "Spanish" blu-ray release which included a Ingles "English" 5:1 soundtrack. All I needed to do was to go to audio on the menu to select it, and bingo there it was The quality of the Spanish release is really excellent as with the soundtrack.

                    Last night using the Epson VP it was a "Free Willy" night, hard to believe its been about 28 years now since we first watched it..

                    Here are a couple of screen shots from last night.
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                    The VHS tape bought back in the 1990s
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                      • Tonight, I'm watching the spooky 70's classic: Salem's Lot.

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                        • Tonight it was the 1975 movie "The Hindenburg". Its not the first time I have watched this blu-ray, and it wont be the last. Directed by Robert Wise and starring a outstanding cast, such as George C Scott. The blu-ray image is excellent as with the sound and "special effects". In particular is the excellent score by David Shire. A few years ago I was lucky enough to come across the original LP soundtrack in excellent condition. If you are a fan of this film then getting the soundtrack is really a must.

                          Projected using the Epson VP all in all its a great nights entertainment.

                          Highly recommend getting this one
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                          • David Shire has a pretty impressive filmography of 50 or so scores. The 1975 score for Hindenburg does not do much for me (including the song, "There's A Lot To Be Said For The Fuehrer"). However his 1975 score for Farewell My Lovely is definitely one of my favorites.


                            • All the Kings Men with Broderick Crawford playing Willie Stark a veiled version of infamous Huey Long Louisiana governor. Barnstorming performance from Broderick which launched his career. Good clean enhanced print. Interesting to see John Ireland and Joanne Dru in roles after their time in Red River. Watching the movie you can see it was written for John Wayne to play and would have been a memorising performance if he had played Stark rather than Broderick. Apparently the Duke blew a gasket when he saw the script told them were to shove it. Ironically , Broderick won the best actor Oscar over John Wayne’s Sgt Stryker role in Sands of Iwo Jima that year and surely played a role in his anti communist fervour against the likes of director /writer Robert Rosen.
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                              • I watched "The Maggie" blu-ray on the Epson VP again last night, the BFI really have done a nice job of restoring this long ago forgotten Ealing gem. but before screening it I just had to watch one from a BFI British Transport Films Collection DVD set, called "The Coasts of Clyde" 1959. The color of this release looks great.

                                "The Coasts Of Clyde" is on this excellent two DVD set.
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                                Back to The Maggie
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