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  • Nice Brian. Its fascinating to see the varied films people enjoy.

    Bit a afternoon show with a new delivery TROUBLE BREWING 1939 Blu-Ray from Network. Good old George and Googie in a bit of a gem packed out with Garry Marsh, Ronald Shiner in this ATP movie. Quality is high and once again thank you NETWORK for making the magic happen.

    Last time I watched this on the big cinema screen was in London at the BFI screenings and that is going back a bit with my Dad! This now makes two of Georges films out on Blu-Ray and I expect more will follow.
    EXCELLENT 10/10
    £11.50 delivered

    Met Googie in around 1974 at the BBC, well bumped into her enthusiastically saying how much I liked her in the film with George. She didn't exactly have much time for him but then we have 'the kiss' in the film.


    • Set sail last night once again projecting this blu-ray

      PS The grandkids insisted I let them see it at a previous screening, so I did give in, although Connor was only ten. When my son Steven found out about it later on, he thought Connor had been to young to watch it. The thing was it was Connor that kept on about wanting to watch it, then he blamed me for letting him see it, talk about switching the blame around.

      Anyway I was talking to the good people at Reading cinemas about doing Jaws on there big screen.....I would come I will see after all they did well with Jurassic Park of late

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      • RADIO PARADE OF 1935

        Will Hay Clifford Mollison Helen Chandler and another beauty of a transfer!

        Network have started including some cinema style spliced up trailers and coming shortly all vintage and another joy to watch as well.

        Of special interest with this is the Dufaycolor sequences or as my Dad used to call the system DUFF COLOUR. Loved the tints and shades.

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        Nice to see Helen Chandley again She of Dracula 1931


        • Way of the Dragon with Bruce Lee, thought it looked pretty good ,originally filmed silent then the sound added later on it which I found interesting, Mark


          • The Creature from the Black Lagoon (2D), so good I could tell from the contrast/grain when the next cross-fade was coming up as thankfully it went down a generation for the whole shot, not just for the frames of the transition.

            Mark I think I heard that a lot of American films made in Europe and Asia were done that way then dubbed, due to non English speakers being in them and it sounded better or was quicker if they weren't the only ones dubbed.


            • One of the prized films of my BR 3D collection I love it!

              Posting tonight's viewing early as we have a busy Halloween outdoor show on Saturday. The Home Alone 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray hath arrived so will run the Super 8 trailers then switch the the new 4K disc, at least in the UK.

              Have a great night everyone and keep yourself nice and safe. Full moon tomorrow!


              • I just put up a new screen so it was like a new experience in film watching, Superman the Movie was screened and looks great, saw it at the cinema on release and had as much enjoyment watching it today, Mark


                • The new 4K UHD BR of HOME ALONE excellent


                  • Alien, director's cut, form the anthology Blu Ray box set.


                    • To really finish off Halloween (though upstaged by Boris announcing a 1 month "Lockdown" in the UK) Halloween and Halloween II back to back as the story is continuous.


                      • Criterion Blu Ray of Brian De Palma's Blowout (Spine #562) and then William Friedkin's Sorcerer.


                        • BLOW of my favorites.


                          • A very quiet day. Our Gracie in Sally in our Alley 1931 a new release from Network over here and quite wonderful.
                            My late father used to project it in the 30's and the first time I've seen it. A bit special.


                            • Last night it was "Lara Croft" on the Epson VP, a second hand blu-ray i bought this week. Both myself and my better half really enjoyed it, plenty of action excellent picture and sound, all up, a good nights entertainment.

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                              • I haven't watched this one in a few years, brilliant cast, based on the John Grisham novel.

                                I have always thought this was a good edge of the seat film, Tommy Lee Jones had certainly made a number of films during the 1990s, in particular "The Fugitive" and "US Marshals" to name just a few. Susan Sarandon is one of my favorite actress. She has been in so many films, just recent, I watched the blu-ray of "The Great Waldo Pepper"...a brilliant movie... that she also starred in. The other main actor in "The Client" was Brad Renfro who died back in 2008.

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