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  • Last night for the first time....

    The Color Purple - Whoopi Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Danny Glover.

    A very well crafted film, which was to be expected with Spielberg's name on it, addressing several controversial issues that are still present in modern day society.

    Picture quality and colour was dazzling! Highly recommended.



    • Last night the Vincent Price 100% Hokem "Dr Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine" from the complete Dr Goldfoot set. Complete nonsense but funny and it has Vincent Price.

      From the Complete Dr Goldfoot set, only 2 Goldfoot films but a "bonus" DVD of Master of the World. I suspect that wouldn't sell on its own as it seems to be a 3:2 pulldown telecine to 60i badly converted to 50i so that fast actions and pans have lurching motion. I'm glad I didn't watch that projected.


      • Tonight Dr Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs the only amusing things about this one were the Far from special effects shots (duped in footage looked as if it had been done on an aerial image optical printer with massive dust on the focal plane lens) and the fact that it had been shot mute in Europe then dubbed in the US with some parts looking as if the dialogue had been lost and it was music over with inter-titles!!!!! At least it was short and had Vincent Price in it.


        • A Funny Thing Happened on the way to the Forum I kind of feel I shouldn't have it did turn into a bit of mess with the chase sequences and did not live up to my expectations after seeing the stage show several times. Nice to see Buster Keaton and Annette Andre though.


          • A couple of years ago I picked up the LP soundtrack of "Stand By Me" well last night it was the turn of the blu-ray of "25th Anniversary Edition", projected using the Epson.

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            Oh!...........this is the LP

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            A couple of screen shots, I should add the film was directed by Rob Reiner, you might remember him always getting a hard time, in the brilliant 1970s TV series "All In The Family" from away back.

            Click image for larger version

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            • FIRST MAN 4K UHD

              Didn't get to see it in Imax at the Cinema by my goodness what a gorgeous piece of creative film making using formats from 16mm to Imax all in one movie. The quality of this thrown up from my 4K home cinema projector was quite breath-taking and floor shaking sound.


              • I have a confession to make, I have never watched a Mad Max movie until tonight. "Beyond the Thunderdome" was released in 1985.

                I must admit its nice to watch something different, and this movie certainly is Its great fun from the 1980s era. The blu-ray was projected using the little Epson



                • DECK THE HALLS 2006 Blu-Ray

                  Excellent BR of this one and oh so funny


                  • Last night it was "55 Days At Peking" 1963. At the start it states that the original 70mm camera negative was fully restored in 2013. The blu-ray looks stunning, sound wise you have a choice of either Stereo 2.0, or Dolby 5.1. Its complete with overture and intermission, "55 Days At Peking" was always one of my favorite films from the past. Its great to be able to watch it like this, using the little Epson VP, here are a couple of screen shots from last night.
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                    • Last night projected on the Epson VP, was the brilliant Robin Williams in R.V. I have always enjoyed watching this movie, ever since we ran it at the cinema long ago. I still have the 35mm trailer but not the feature print .



                      • Relived 1982 watching the new 3D blu ray of
                        Friday the 13th 3D. Beautiful 4k scan and looked a hell of a lot better than it did in 82 have to say.

                        it nice to have these trips down memory lane thanks to some ex restoration work.


                        • Watched the 3D version of "Beauty and the Beast" on the Epson VP. .

                          Click image for larger version

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                          • BladeRunner Director's cut. When I went to turn the sub woofer off I found no power light. Ho Hum , something else to check.


                            • Graham. My favourite Disney animated feature. Laserdisc framed for posterity, super 8 feature regularly on and of course the BR. Think what got me into it was before the release we had a great documentary on tv explaining about the first computer animation work on it. A great film to have.

                              Brian. If I get a fault they usually come in 3's


                              • Going through James Bond films. Last weekend I watched "You only Live Twice" and "Golden Eye". I had not seen "Goldeneye". I was great fun!