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  • F/X Murder by Illusion from the 101 Films "Complete collection" set, which starts like a prohibition era gangster murder in a restaurant that is actually a scene being filmed for a movie. I like films about film making or the techniques used. I expect to watch F/X2 the Deadly art of Illusion tonight.


    • Don't laugh.

      But a few evenings ago I watched for the very first time, the blu ray of a film that has been around since 1988. One of those that I have been meaning to watch for years but never quite got around to it.

      So, it has taken me 32 years to finally see..........

      Die Hard !

      (VERY glad I finally did. Excellent)!


      • This is one Christmas movie that we have enjoyed watching over the years, picked up the soundtrack LP a few years ago. Scottish girl Sheena Easton singing the end credits, was and still is a popular number.
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        • Show Boat in beautiful black and white a great bluray


          • Last night one of my favorite 1960s film that I saw at the old La Scala picture house in Scotland. I guess it was the summer of 1966

            Screen shots are from the Epson VP taken last night. "The Sand Pebbles" has a running time of three hours, complete with Overture and Intermission.
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            • After watching "The Sand Pebbles" the other night thought another Steve McQueen movie would be just the thing for last night, with the blu-ray of "Bullitt" 1968. I still think that car chase is one of the best, and yes I did watch for the green VW beetle


              • The Land That Time Forgot (1975). This time so we could listen to the commentary track.


                • Here is an unusual movie directed by Steven Spielberg called A.I. I think this film was a project Stanley Kubrick wanted to do, but unfortunately he passed away, so Steven Spielberg took it on..

                  The blu-ray is very good, also the earlier DVDs were well presented also with lots of extras. I did not watch the blu-ray last night, but instead last week, using the Epson VP. I still have the 35mm trailer, but its very short.

                  Note.. the running time of 2hrs 26min, its quite a long movie, but very well done.
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                  • Last night it was this one, of all the Star Trek films "The Wrath Of Khan" is my favorite. Excellent picture and Dolby Digital 6:1 sound, which really makes, I think, one of the best soundtracks around that was composed by James Horner.

                    PS. I picked up the LP a couple of years ago I was also thinking back to the 1980s, where we used to go to the cinema quite regular, unlike today, there were a lot of good films that came during that period.
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                    The old LP
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                    • Jurassic Park 3D was tonight's movie on the Epson VP, and I must say if you have never seen it on 3D you don't no what you are missing.

                      The 3D image detail is simply stunning.

                      At present they are selling of old blu-ray stock of the "Jurassic Park Collection" brand new and sealed, prior to the blu-ray release of "Jurassic World" in 2015. This amazing collection includes.

                      Disc One Jurassic Park
                      Disc Two Jurassic Park in 3D
                      Disc Three The Lost World
                      Disc Four Jurassic Park 3

                      Also a sleeve for Jurassic World and a sleeve for Jurassic World 3D comes with it, those discs I should add I have already done this to complete it.

                      Plus heaps of extras.

                      "Jurassic Park Collection" present retail price in stores is only $20 NZ dollars.
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                      • Kodachrome Ed Harris very enjoyable Film


                        • Since my last message on this topic regarding Die Hard, I have viewed several more blu rays.

                          Notably, Die Hard 2 - Die Harder (!) and guess what?............ Die Hard With A Vengeance! I still need to see Die Hard 4.0 (which I do have on BR} but in my opinion the first three get decidedly worse.

                          1 - Excellent

                          2 - Pretty good

                          3 - Decidedly average

                          4 - ?????

                          On top of that, I managed to watch one of my Christmas presents on Christmas Day this year, which must be a first. Tom Cruise in Valkyrie. Very good.


                          • I've always rated 3 as being pretty good, but not really a Die Hard film - mainly it's not at Christmas and his wife is not in it and at peril. " is one that I didn't really like at first but it's growing on me.


                            • "Jo Jo Rabbit" last night once again, we have watched this movie a number of times now since its release. used the Epson VP.
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                              • Die Hard with a Vengeance. I had to turn down the sound for the explosions at the start as the new sub woofer would have annoyed neighbours on both sides. Strangely there are mentions of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in it, long before they were rival candidates for President. Good extras but it's a pity the alternative ending is so low in quality and letter-boxed into a 4:3 frame.

                                I only have 1 part of this on Super 8.
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