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  • Another VP screening two nights ago of "The Maggie"

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    • After watching Helen Mirren in 2010 last week. here she is again in this thought provoking movie, along with Alan Rickman in his last film role. Projected using the Epson VP, excellent quality in both picture and DTS 5:1 sound.

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      • Originally posted by Lee Mannering View Post

        Brian. If I get a fault they usually come in 3's
        Not quite 3 yet but both 2.5 amp fuses on the circuit board inside had blown. I'll have to get some more and hope I had just got it turned up too loud.


        • Last night it was "The Road" good movie, good cast. Its certainly a grim story of post apocalyptic America, however its a very well made film, excellent acting by Viggo Mortensen and young Australian actor Kodi Smit Mc Phee, and can't forget the brilliant actor Robert Duvall.
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          • I forgot to mention there is a interesting "making of" on you-tube


            • Last night "Rollercoaster" theatrical cut, another of the Universal 1970's disaster movies, originally in Sensuround and featuring the group Sparks performing at one of the amusement parks. I testing out a home made subwoofer (2x12 bass units connected to a 100w amp). It didn't do too badly considering that that cut h=only had a 2 channel PCM track. Soon I'll try the extended version with a DTS track, but I'm not sure how many channels that has.


              • Epson VP 3D night I really enjoyed watching those later "Planet Of The Apes" movies.
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                • Brother Sun, Sister Moon Franco Zeffirelli’s 1973 follow up film after his 1968 Romeo & Juliet. I had last seen it back in 1973 and remembered that I liked the Donavan songs so I was thinking to burn them to a CDR, but it turned out that there was not enough of them to make it worth the hassle. It was a treat to see Alec Guinness as the Pope.


                  • GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS 2019 Certainly was action packed

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                    • Lucy In The Sky a film loosely based on a true story of a love triangle between 2 women NASA astronauts and 1 male astronaut from a few years ago. Hint, it does not end well. 20th Century Disney owes me 2 hours of my life back for mislabeling this cure for insomnia as a motion picture.


                      • Last night my better half said what are we going to watch tonight? trying to find something that we have not already seen, in particular a movie that Yvonne would like, for me that can be a real challenge

                        So, the only one that I could come up was this one, which I had not seen before either, lets give it a go I thought projecting using the Epson VP.

                        What caught my eye, was well known Australian actor "Geoffrey Rush" was in it, known for films, like The King's Speech, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Book Thief, to name a few.

                        Right, as to the this movie "Storm Boy" 2019 which turned out to be quite a pleasant surprise.

                        Based on the re-telling of Colin Thiele's classic tale, this film I should add, is also a remake of the original 1977 film.

                        The look of the film in making use of the stunning Australian scenery looks great, the casting was spot on. So if you are looking for a good family movie, this one ticks all the boxes
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                        • Here is the trailer...


                          • Aliens...Special edition.

                            Well folks we watched the "extended version" the one James Cameron wanted to release, unlike the restrictions that was placed on him at the time to constrain the running of its Theatrical release, this one is really good.

                            As James Cameron states at the intro of the extended version blu-ray, that this is the one he wanted, and thankfully now we can see it. The extended version has about 20 minutes more in it, and in my view really brings much more to the story than the original theatrical release.

                            The extended version, or should I say the directors cut that is available on the blu-ray, is the one to go for, both picture, and the DTS 5:1 sound is excellent, for fans of the movie I would highly recommend the longer version.


                            • STARS IN YOUR EYES BluRay 1956

                              For loving Brits of variety films this is really quite a amazing release from Network.

                              The film was sort of missing in action and had been requested for decades. They started a fund raising effort to make it happen and it did. We now have a superb bluray also packed out with extras.
                              It stars Nat Jackley Pat Kirkwood Jimmy Clitheroe and more all filmed in CameraScope and blazing colour.
                              set around a theatre life it's a snapshot of what it used to be like putting on a show.

                              Thank you to fellow funders we now have it in restored HD.


                              • I watched this one a couple of nights ago on the Epson VP. This film would have done the cinema run back in 2009, even though I was involved in picking out the films, this is the first time I have heard about it. About 2009, we did screen another British film, that Michael Caine did that year, and that was "Harry Brown", which I thought was very good. The young kid playing opposite Michael Caine "Is Anybody There" had also done another film we screened at the time, and that was "Son Of Rambow".

                                Now back to this one, to describe it, its best you watch the attach you-tube video. As an old age pensioner myself, I can see a lot of truth of what might be in store for many of us in the future. I hope not, but listen to Michael Caine in that you-tube attach and you will understand what I mean.

                                This is a very well made movie, its funny, but also tragic at the same time.

                                Highly recommend it.
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