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  • Abbot and Costello meet the Mummy, enjoyed it and probably lead on to a few super 8's ,Mark


    • Well last night, it was a step back in time to 1993 with this blu-ray imported from Spain a while back. Projected using the Epson both image and sound Dolby Digital 5:1 is excellent. Although its a Spanish import it goes straight to English without going through to the menu

      I remember we all went to see it at the cinema when it came out. The response to Warner Bros world wide to the film, started the ball rolling, leading to the eventual release of Keiko. Although Keiko did die in Norway, the story and dedication from everyone to do the right thing for Keiko is truly amazing.

      One of the highlights of the film "Free Willy" was the music by Michael Jackson during the end credits.

      Click image for larger version

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      • The new BR of Africa Screams after a full restoration by beloved 3D film archive
        Truly amazing job!

        Talking about Die Hard.. We watched Die Hard twice in one day over Christmas. Screen 1 Super 8 and later on the new 4k disc. I missed the sound of the Elmo....


        • "Born Free" is one of those films, if you have ever watched at the cinema, you never forget

          Nice to be able to watch it on blu-ray the other night using the Epson VP, one quick screen shot
          Click image for larger version

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          • Last night was an Agatha Christie "Evil Under the Sun" with Diana Rigg as the murder victim.
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            • Star wars A new hope

              Was the 4k77 4k scan from un.mutilated 35mm film prints. A beautiful watch and gloriously restored back to original form.


              • House starring William Katt. A film that makes you doubt reality - a bit like 2020 did.


                • Once again projected using the VP tonight with another screening of "Mutiny On The Bounty" 1962 blu-ray, stunning color and outstanding soundtrack. With Overture and Intermission the running time of 3hrs 5min.

                  A couple of screen shots from a past screening. The blu-ray was a import from France, without needing to go to the menu, the Pioneer blu-ray player goes straight to English audio .
                  Click image for larger version

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                  • Brilliant. I picked up this stunning blu-ray of "Metropolis" in a second hand shop of all places for $5 dollars. Projected using the Epson VP, an excellent addition to anyone interested in classic movies.

                    Click image for larger version

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                    • Dunkirk and quite astounding quality in 4k UHD. Filmed in 70mm IMAX I would say this is the best quality I've seen from disc. A crafted film most certainly.


                      • HMV produce a superb range premium Blu Rays which include Blu Ray & DVD plus extras like mini posters or promotional photo postcards.

                        Recently, watched House of Wax with Vincent Price. The set includes 3D and 2D versions of film on the Blu Ray plus DVD version and production post cards. Transfers are excellent in terms of print and sound. Extra bonus is very recently restored 1933 Mystery of the Wax Museum with Lionel Barrymore and Queen of Screams Fay Wray. This was a lost movie until recently only available in Black & White or very poor versions of the two strip colour. In fact this was the last film produced by Warner’s in this way. I have had DVD R of this film and this print whilst not perfect is a vast improvement. Film is pre code so is quite risqué with female reporter asking policeman about his sex life whilst he reads a pin up magazine.

                        Available from HMV website at £9.99 or two titles for £15. If you look at eBay some sellers are already selling for £25.00. This seems to be the pattern with these titles as they are only released in UK they are collectible to wider market.

                        I am assuming Region B and 2 respectively not a issue for multi region machines.

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                        • Mike. The original release was not Arrow they picked up the second issue as shown.
                          The WB blu ray was released in 2013 from a 2K scan really amazing to see it here in 3d 7 years ago and for some strange reason the 2013 disc can command silly prices. Love my 3D blu Ray's, Creature films and so many 50s movies restored by 3d film archive thank goodness.
                          It's a shame they didn't take 3D forward to 4k but.perhaps in another lifetime.
                          To see some of the great film stars in 3d is reely amazing


                          • I agree Lee the Arrow releases are superb but pricey. The HMV releases seem to be going the same way. I think in their case it is a supply demand issue. I’ve yet to see a bad one. It would be sad if HMV fold in current crisis as for once they have a good product and we are getting titles never released on Blu Ray at fair price. The Sons of Katie Elder and They were Expendable John Wayne releases were 1st time on Blu Ray at Christmas.

                            Earlier releases seem to go sold out status and don't seem to come back into stock.


                            • Catching up with some "Star Wars" tonight, with the "Attack Of The Clones" We screened the 35mm print at the cinema long ago, what I remember the print quality was poor. Tonight with the blu-ray and the Epson VP things were a lot better than the film print we screened. At the moment there are some really good bargains on the blu-ray scene . The first "The Phantom Menace" which I watched on 35mm of late, and that print was really good.

                              After watching the "Clones" tonight, my better half after watching it, is now keen to now watch "Revenge Of The Sith" which was part of the triple movie blu-ray pack that I picked up for only $10 dollars, as I say the price drop of blu-ray titles make for a great evening entertainment, especially already being set up with video projection.

                              Regarding the "Clones" both picture and sound is excellent, with a running time of 142 minutes, its quiet a long movie. all great stuff


                              • Not Blu Ray but DVD for me last night Lobster Films "Retour de Flamme" Vol 1. A selection of shorts originally made on nitrate some by the Lumiere Bros including an interview with Louis. "Leaving the Factory" (Sortie D'usine) Arrivee d'un Train, Partie de Cartes etc including had or stecil coloured films. Charlie Chaplin's second ever film appearance, as the tramp, "Kids Auto Races in Venice" Meet me Down in Coney Island", "Le Pompiere Des Follie-Bergere" (with Josephine Baker) and a couple of films released on Super 8 "the Stolen Jools" and "Tulips Shall Grow" and from a Kodascope Amber print "Mighty Like a Moose".

                                A disc I bought after a showing of several of these in a talk at the BFI Southbank some years ago, which I was reminded of by seeing that a documentray about Josephine Baker was on TV last night.