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  • Watched the super 8 off the BR Great Waldo Pepper with the sound in English being projected on the Elmo, just a spot of fun.


    • Rewatched the always enjoyable Blu ray of FLETCH last night. Probably my favorite Chevy film before you started getting diminishing returns on his films.

      This weekend I have a double-bill planned of Sorcerer and The Conversation.


      • Delivered today.
        THE SHOW GOES ON 1937 Gracie Fields Another Blu Ray release from Networkonair. Great transfer of this and the old ABC Cinema daysets in the trailer programme were a reel treat.
        One of the best of our Gracies films about a northern las who wants to go into show business.


        • Came across this blu-ray gem in a second hand store last week. One of Yvonne favorite films from the 1980s we watched on the Epson VP last night

          The blu-ray quality was excellent, with a 2.35:1 ratio and 5:1 Dolby Digital soundtrack.

          "Willow" was filmed in Wales, England, and New Zealand.


          • Willow was an interesting movie which for some reason didn’t gel at its release. Similarities to Lord of the Rings Hobbit Game of Thrones so maybe wrong time. I think Lucas originally planned a series like Star Wars . Thought I heard they were going to remake it but apparently Disney are planning a series to be released 2022 based on the movie. They must have got the rights with Lucas sale of Star Wars etc. Disney know how to squeeze a buck from their purchases.


            • Only since Walt died, he never produced a seque,l I believe - always a fresh idea.


              • They had a period of revival in 1980s and 1990s but Star Wars and Marvel universe makes too much money keeps the stock price up. In regard to their animation I seriously cant remember the last decent one that didnt have a large dollop of PC. Problem is they make so much money from merchandise they don’t need to make a decent movie.


                • This afternoon myself and Mrs. E. settled down in front of the TV to watch the blu ray of "Bullitt" starring Steve McQueen.

                  It was our first viewing ever. We both agreed that it was not as good as expected. I had heard over the years just what a corking film it was. It was good.....but not that good. Excellent car chase, though.

                  Also have to say that the transfer was not A1 either. Probably better than ordinary dvd but nothing jaw dropping. I don't know what it is with blu ray transfers of colour films from 1960's and 70's but they just seem a little grainy to me. Could it be the film source used during that period ?

                  (It was followed up by a viewing of Scorcese's "Mean Streets" on ordinary dvd, which wasn't even in scope! An older dvd presented in academy ratio. Why?????!!!!!! Once again, good...... but not outstanding. When one has seen "Goodfellas" the bar is set so high......)


                  • Last night once again, the blu-ray of "The Flight Of The Phoenix" 1966. We ran the remake at the cinema back in 2004 and that version, was also very good.

                    I remember seeing the original at the cinema back in 1966 at the old La Scala in Scotland, and to this day its one of my favorite films. A side note is the real life of of James Stewart, as a decorated bomber pilot during World War Two. Opposite him in this film, is actor Hardy Kruger who also in real life as with all German boys of his age were compelled to do, joined the Hitler youth movement in 1941.

                    The casting and acting in this film is superb in every way. This release onto Blu-ray comes with a 20 page booklet plus other interesting extras as well.

                    Great stuff

                    Click image for larger version

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                      Last night we watched the Blu ray of Powell and Pressburgers 1947 film The Black Narcissus. A British film masterpiece, with stunning sets and amazing Technicolor photography by the legendary Jack Cardiff. One of those films that haunts the imagination.
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                      • Top Gun 3D. A bit of fun and enjoyable. Ended with No time to die trailers from mr Bond


                        • Watching Robert Mitchum's RIVER OF NO RETURN this evening Click image for larger version

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                          • It says it all at the top of the blu-ray cover...."Michael Caine At His Best"....and he certainly is this movie. I have screened it before, and once again using the Epson VP, but this time round, I did manage to get my better half to watch it as well. .

                            Highly recommend it.

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                            • Watching THE DEVIL RIDES OUT later today. One of my favorites of late era Hammer. Click image for larger version

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ID:	28224 Watching the outrageous Ice Pirates tonight. A goofy 80’s movie I love.