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  • Inherit The Wind Spencer Tracey Gene Kelly Dick York and one of my favorite actress Donna Anderson she should have made more films.Last week Donna Anderson first film On the Beach


    • Well with the kids back at school and the malls now opened up etc, it was time to call in and see what the latest Blu-ray release that I been missing out on. One on the shelves was "1917". I must admit I was a bit reluctant with this one ,but thought I would give it a go.

      My conclusion from last night screening using the Panasonic VP, that this movie is excellent in every way. Sam Mendes who directed it, and all those involved have made one of the best movies I have watched in a long while. The blu-ray picture and sound is excellent.

      1917 is a film I would highly recommend .


      • If you are looking for just a nice easy movie to watch try the blu-ray of "The Way Way Back" we watched it the other night on the VP and its really good.

        I said to my better half afterwards Yvonne that the girl in it was also in the 35mm film print we ran at the cinema long long ago of "Bridge To Terabithia". Yvonne claimed I was "wrong", however with the magic of google. I have proved that "I" was right ...the actress name is AnnaSophia Robb.

        Anyway back to "The Way Way Back" blu-ray the quality of the image and sound, as with the content is really good

        Would recommend it


        • Graham Ritchie I liked that The Way Way Back. I'm a big Sam Rockwell fan and the rest of the cast consists of high quality veteran actors. When I first saw this movie a few years was the first time I had ever seen a movie where Steve Carell played a bad guy . It really shows his range as an actor... he convincingly pulled off being a total jerk


          • Janice...I liked the part where they are all together playing a board game


            • 4K UHD presentation.

              Rise of Skywalker. Detailed with deep colours quite a experience. Always been into 3D so we did get to see it a couple of times at the Kinema as well but this is the first time I have seen it 4K 2D and excellent.

              Projected picture 10ft. I'm new to 4K projection at home level but my goodness did I ever believe we would see such clarity on a home cinema screen.

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              • Anyone else here ever owned a Mini Cooper?well I did long long ago, not the "S" model, but the 998. It went like a little rocket, these days it would be worth a fortune. The great thing about the "Mini Cooper" was is road its handling, you could do anything with it.

                When it comes to great films "The Italian Job" is certainly one of my favorite.

                The Blu-ray of this classic film is a joy to watch. I have also the recent LP soundtrack release which is great also
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                • Graham. A film making friend of mine used to have a Mini Cooper and we used to have trips out making S8 films together. He had a similar humour to mine so we always had a great deal of fun film making and lots of laughing in the process.

                  One of the films we shot together was filmed on top of near mountain with a small road over it. We filmed in the middle of winter with snow down and by the time that little Cooper bounced its way to the top to film we were in a blizzard. I set up my tripod holding on for dear life as the snow bellowed down horizontal. Did get some nice shots tho.

                  Watched THE BODY SNATCHER Blu-Ray Bela Lugosi and Boris Karloff and a great disc of this film as well.
                  The detail is high and nice to see Bela looking crisp.

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                  • Lee its funny how you come across things in a movie that has reference to a past film. When I watched the blu-ray of "Going in Style" there was a flash of vehicles they were considering for a get away. It was only on screen for a second or so, but I was sure I saw a mini. Later I went through the blu-ray on the TV this time and found it. There it was "a mini", Even though this is a american film, I am sure someone added this right hand drive mini as reference to Michael Caine to the above film "The Italian Job"
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                    Screen shot taken from the TV...

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                    • Talking about the mini I did watch the blu-ray on the Panasonic VP last week of "Mr Bean' Holiday" I remember when we booked the 35mm print at the cinema for the school holidays. I also was doing the screening schedule at the time, and had one screen pretty much dedicated to Mr Bean. However two days before the school holidays kicked in. the film was not doing well number wise

                      I was thinking oooops I might have made a mistake with all those screenings. Well thankfully on the first day of the actual holidays, Mr Bean took of big time, and for the following two weeks of the school holidays the cinema was booked out with "Mr Bean's Holiday" being a real money maker for us

                      So I guess I had done the right thing to assume New Zealanders would love Mr Bean....and they did

                      Anyway back to the mini...



                      • More Doctor Who up-scaled TV with HD extras, this time The Talons of Weng Chiang" plus commentary and production notes as subtitles. Also some sections have updated (CGI) special effects as an option. Watching all variations is taking some time.


                        • Last week the arrow "B" region restored digital release of "Koyaanisqatsi" {Life Out Of Balance} 1982. Without a doubt an amazing film that has been given a excellent transfer onto blu-ray. I would certainly recommend it.

                          Some screen shots from the other night using the Panasonic VP.
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                          • The last couple of days viewings

                            Stan & Ollie 2018 Blu-Ray

                            Way Out West 1937 Blu-Ray Ended with some Super 8 Tree in a test tube and Hardy Lugosi interviews.

                            Black Friday 1940 Blu-Ray

                            The Return of Dracula 1958 Blu-Ray


                            • Watched Super 8 trailer to Jaws followed by the newly arrived JAWS 4K UHD really amazing depth of colour and produced from the 35mm negative.

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                              Nice doc on the disc about the film scanning.


                              • Dad's Army 2015. The director said the cast had "got" the characters - so what did I think was missing? Two things:- the lack of the ensemble playing that only having them work together for years can give and the lack of a studio audience for them to work to (as with the Morecombe and Wise films). And yes I am one of the people who thought Mrs Mainwaring shouldn't have been seen and that Hodges was underused.