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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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    Wednesday night January 22

    Full length stereo sound
    1:85 letterboxed

    With trailers

    The Groove Tube
    The African Queen
    The Blue Lagoon
    Raiders Of the lost Ark



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      That's great, Janice!

      I did a show with the Blackhawk "Trip to the Moon" and the "Hugo" Blu-Ray for my family about two years ago.

      I'm guessing Georges Méliès didn't get a lot of other shows on Long Island that weekend!


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        What a great combination Steve! Seeing the actual film "Trip to the Moon" strengthens the message in Hugo.
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          -and I didn’t even tell them that was what I was doing: I just let the two movies speak for themselves.


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            Once or twice a year I need to screen one of my favorite pictures: HIGH NOON.

            Still one of the very best Western in film history. Great actors, great screenplay, great music and the great Fred Zinneman directing...! Amazing.


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              Still needing to satisfy my current appetite for cinemascope viewings (see my previous contribution to this topic) I have left my projector set up with its anamorphic lens in position and tonight's show was as follows...

              The Sound of Music (Trailer)
              Oliver (Trailer)
              Summer Nights from Grease. ( A 200' that includes the opening scene on the beach and part of the opening credits)
              Terminator 2 - Reel 4
              The Fog - An 800' extract
              The Mask of Zorro - Reel 5
              Two Minute Warning 1x 400'
              Escape To Athena 1x 400'



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                Saturday night

                “The Abyss“ & „E.T.“

                “Pixar’s For the Birds“

                “Jurassic Park“


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                  I received a print of Scrooge (1951) just after Christmas. It was the complete movie which came on a 1200ft. reel and a 800ft. reel. I screened it right away on my Elmo 1200HD with no problems...but on Saturday night while running it again...a section of the 1200 ft. reel jammed in the projector...broke some sprockets...bent sections of film...and burned a couple of frames. Grggggh! I decided to not chance running it through the Elmo again. I repaired the film as best I could and divided the 1200ft. reel into two reels (a 400 ft. and a 800 ft.) I ran it again last night thru my Sankyo Stereo 800 with no problems even with the repairs. The Sankyo 800 seems to be is less fussy about imperfections in the film opposed to the Elmo and definitely has much better sound. It uses the same 150 watt bulb as the Elmo 1200HD so the picture brightness was excellent too.

                  I've always wanted a 16mm print of this film...but this Super 8 was available at the time for a very reasonable price. Hopefully it will remain happy running on my Sankyo

                  Click image for larger version  Name:	Scrooge-(1951).jpg Views:	0 Size:	54.1 KB ID:	3015

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                    Several old half hour tv shows. Boris Karloff, as Colonel March of Scotland Yard, in "The Stolen Crime".Roy Rogers and Dale Evans in "The Last of the Larrabee Kid", from The Roy Rogers Show. Maxwell Reed, as Captain David Grief,in "A Son of the Sun" and Top Cat in "Dibble Sings Again". The first three in std 8, the fourth in Super.


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                      Scars of Dracula, Derann full length version, Agfa stock and great colours (even when in same shots it shouldn't be, due to a grading error in day for night, still I bought it at a reduced price because of that) 4x600ft but fits on 3 600ft reels.


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                        Oh Mr. Porter! 5x400' followed by The Sands Of Iwo Jima 5x400' , then the excellent 400' digest from PM Films of Hell Drivers starring Stanley Baker and to finish the evening the Walton 400' The Man On The Eiffel Tower starring Charles Laughton.


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                          To complete a trio of cinemascope showings, and to bring it to a conclusion so I can put the projector back into its correct place to show academy ratio again...… and to put the extra lens back in its box...….
                          My third show in the cinemascope format went like this...…..

                          Scope 55 - 1x 100' - Darryl F Zanuck (in academy ratio) explains the merits of the "new" cinemascope format followed by an example from "Carousel."

                          June Is Bustin' Out All Over - 1x 200' -

                          Extract from "Carousel." I had bought this one on Ebay UK several months ago from someone who also contributes to this forum. Imagine my surprise and delight when, after previously seeing it several times in the past, tonight I discovered it had been recorded in STEREO !

                          The Beatles Come To Town - 1x 200' - Ok.... it's red....but it's the Beatles. Enough said.

                          The Sound of Music - The first 4x 600' reels of the full length feature. Assembled this one from various visits to Dudley and Uncle Derek's White Box Specials..... but am still on the prowl for the last bit after all these years!



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                            February 3, 2020

                            James Cameron's Titanic

                            Super 8 scope stereo. 3H 35 minutes including a cartoon trailer reel

                            AND I LOVED IT.

                            There's nothing like Fed Ex at your door before 1030 in the morning with a fresh factory lab new print in a box. And by evening it's on the screen!

                            One of the best days I've ever had..............................


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                              Saturday night
                              Feb 8. 2020

                              king creole

                              full length
                              feature only


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                                'Hollywood Musical' sequence James Cagney with trailer for Yankee Doodle Dandy a nice reel from Derann back then. Switched to Scope for The Pod Race Stereo Phantom Menace nice clip to have also with trailer at start.