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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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  • tonight's watch was Derann's 600ft scope digest of Raise The Titanic


    • Tuesday March 31 2020

      super 8 scope
      full length


      • Ghosts on the Loose 1943 Don't you just love a Bela Lugosi feature and fills a 800ft reel.

        Nice to see Ava Gardner in this early role.

        Click image for larger version

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        All old hands will know for us in the late 60's early 70's Lugosi was the main stay of many 8mm collections and popular with distributors too.


        • Set up for 'Scope again for the first time in ages after room sorting and new screen position. I just watched "Honeymoon Paradise", "Stairways to the Andes" and the trailer for "Hello Dolly" as a test run.


          • They are great Brian :-)

            I re-enacted 2 projector rapid reel changes we used to do a great deal of in the 80's so projected many 200ft reels and a few 50ft as well. Not so swift on the rapid film change overs as I used to be.

            Click image for larger version

Name:	LM CR2020.jpg
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ID:	6919 The Noris 510 Auto and SD Auto do battle last night!

            Films watched or some of them were Trl George in Civvy St, Ukelele Man, 3D Murder, Cinema in Miniature, Parade of the wooden soldiers, Star Wars, Empire Strikes Back and

            If you only buy one short this year treat yourself to this excellent reel from Reel Image.


            • Tonight's epic was the 400ft digest of FORCE 10 FROM NAVARONE, a great digest and a film that should of got a scope release as a say 600fter or a 3x400fter


              • Patrick,

                Force 10 is one of those films that works better as a digest. The dam bursting is brilliantly done.

                I watched a recent arrival from Barry Attwood that I had never seen before. The 400' digest of Carquake (AKA Cannonball!) starring David Carradine and multiple exploding cars. Beautiful color print.

                Click image for larger version  Name:	Carquake Cover.jpg Views:	0 Size:	145.2 KB ID:	6976


                • Reel 5 (or 7 according to the leaser, but the one that ends at the intermission title banishment and exile) of Lone Wolf's El Cid. 400ft scope with a little picture unsteadiness. Fists Of Death 200ft colour. The chase from Terminator II and trailers for The Young Ones, Summer Holiday and The Empire Strikes Back.

                  At first, after changing projectors to a Sankyo 301, I thought I had lost sound, but I had forgotten the sound position of the control switch on it was past the silent unlike the Eumig I had been using that didn't have a silent option.


                  • Last night running the GS1200, this is one film I could watch hundreds of times and never get bored with it, here are some photos taken on the night from the Marketing 3/400 footer
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • I'm not sure if it's a compliment (or an insult) to either Airplane or me, but a friend of mine saw it and later said to me "It sounds like something YOU'D write!". (I sure wish I did!)


                      We've been trying to break cabin fever by watching a lot of movies: 16mm, DVD, Blu-Ray, streaming, very often with a little Super-8, but tonight it was all S8 from end to end.

                      It's a Gift (Snub Pollard, Blackhawk, Scored)
                      Grease Part 1 (Marketing)

                      Intermission (Nachos, then washed my hands!)

                      Winter Carnival (Derann, Scope)
                      Grease Part 2


                      • Last night it was the german 4-parter ENTER THE DRAGON which is a great digest.
                        But I really don’t like the flat image; originally it was a Scope feature. Why didn’t they make it a letterbox version? Bruce Lee is fighting much too often with an enemy who You can’t see...!
                        So sad for such an epic cult film.


                        • My Saturday "lock-down" night went something like this.....

                          His Mouse Friday - Tom & Jerry 1x 200'

                          Stromboli - Ingrid Bergman 1x 1600' (originally 4x 400')

                          Brief Encounter - Trevor Howard / Celia Johnson 4x 400'



                          • Dracula Prince of Darkness, Derann 400ft 'scope, Fuji print with no fade and Walton Capricorn One Promo, Agfa print excellent colour.


                            • DCR Films 4 x 400 "Windbag The Sailor" Starring the great Will Hay with his sidekicks Moore Marriott and Graham Moffatt. Great picture and sound.


                              • Sometimes Greatness Comes From Laziness!
                                (More often it leads to disaster!..."Did you check the fuel gauge?")

                                -but you see, I had one machine rigged for 'scope and one not, and I was too lazy to make them match, so I grabbed two 'scope reels and two academy formatted ones. (Has to be just about the worst reason for a program lineup in cinema history!)

                                America (Derann, 'Scope) He just met a girl named Maria, and The Sharks show some great dance moves!
                                Land of the Little Trains (DCR) Narrow Gauge Hi-jinks in Wales (makes me want to go there!)
                                She Flies! (Derann, 'scope) We're there for the first Concorde's test flight.
                                Spirit of the Brooklands (DCR) We visit the motor race track turned aircraft manufacturing center and are on board for the first flight of the Super VC-10 airliner.

                                What was kind of cool is midway through the first reel my son closed his door. It's about time the Parents' music was too loud for the Teenager!

                                (Honestly: I have some reels in my collection that aren't British!)

                                -Maybe it's about time I did a solid Blackhawk show...