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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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  • Past Saturday night (April 25) I made the sixth screening for our neighbors. This time the film was "Mississippi Burning" (1985). Digital sound sync in spanish was more demanding than past screenings because there are slight differences between the DVD and my 16mm print. Some images here:
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    • Great to see those outdoor snaps Julian. Nearest I can come to it is taking my Eumig S8 projector on a outdoor camping trip every now and again and projecting some cartoons for the young folk :-)

      Still aiming to project all my collection of Collectors Club releases this year so we watched WHITE ZOMBIE 1932. Quite a rare release from them and getting rather collectable.

      (Even yet to see a good BR release with the last effort being assembled from several different prints of variable quality, a good try tho)


      • As far as I can tell,the original Collectors Club release is the best,so far. I bought it ages ago,in seven reels,each complete from original beginning leader to original end leader. I even projected it in a cinema from the balcony,on a double bill with THE DEVIL BAT, during a "fright nights" season, also doing the translation myself. The audience loved them,which means the copies were pretty good,even if somewhat underlit from my Eumig 810 HQS.


        • Ah Panayotis nice to hear from you.
          Yes I've arrived at that conclusion as well. Collectors Club did have a few very critical moments of success preserving unique prints oft overlooked. White Zombie has turned out to be one of them.
          One of the top brass told me back in 1977 it came from a private collection. Guessing it was BM in uk to protect the innocent. Who knows with the passing decades.

          My cc print I've had since then probably fairly early on the negative print run. Lugosi of course put some of his own Dracula money into the film to see it completed but I feel things were depleting particularly with available crew not actually getting full credit listing.
          A nice film to hang on to and very much a classic for me


          • 3 cartoons
            PLANE CRAZY

            feature presentation

            THE LION KING



            • I planned n evening of Iver/Roger Moore 'scope double albums.

              1. Gold, though rather more Pink now due to it being on Eastmancolor. Unfortunately, as mentioned in a review the lab overscaned the master and cut off picture all round, not only did people lose their heads but it showed it had John Gielg instead of Gielgud on the opening credits.I wonder if this can be classed as an almost Bond mixture, Sean fought Goldfinger over a plan to increase prices by putting Fort Knox's gold out of the market and in this a mine flooding was planned to increase prices. Later Roger in A View to a Kill would fight a villain who would put silicon valley out of action by flooding to increase the price of his commodity or maybe plots were a bit thin on the ground then.

              2. Clash of the Titans parts 2&3, a mistake as I went to the wrong shelf and had it laced up before I noticed, better colour despite being on SP.

              3. Shout at the Devil, not overscaned and not as sharp as Gold but great colour as on Agfa stock.

              I'm sure the 2 Iver releases were very close together so it does how the amount of luck involved in getting a good copy.


              • 5 Collectors Club trailer reels from the 1970's
                Sherlock Holmes Trls
                Classic Trl No 1
                Better Davis Trls
                Screaming Shortly Trls
                Trails of Terror

                Feature The Magnificent Two (Morecambe and wise)

                Click image for larger version

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                • Did one of my multi format shows so much fun.
                  Started with my very first Standard 8 collectors club film THE VAGABOND which cost me 99p new 50 years ago on the old Luch II
                  Super 8 Safety Last CC Eumig 807D
                  Super 8 Stereo SKYFALL GS1200 Scope
                  Super 8 Optical sound last reel of GOLDFINGER FD Auto
                  9.5 silent IT'S A GIFT Pathescope Gem with lamp upgrade
                  9.5 sound PARADE OF WOODEN SOLDIERS Vox projector
                  16mm PROJECT THE RIGHT IMAGE Eiki

                  Time got on so we ended with 4K UHD Jurassic Park chomping on some popcorn.


                  • Star Wars (A New Hope) part 2 Ken Films 'scope (Eastman and a bit faded) and The Great Escape part 2 (Derann SP and still good colour especially night scenes) plus a reel of trailers and Summer Nights from Grease.


                    • Nice show Brian

                      A short show of Super 8 THE CARD 1952 reel 1 to pre-empt the new Blu-Ray of it. Finished with the S8 Goldeneye Tina Turner song reel from Reel Image excellent.


                      • All Collectors Club
                        Hollywood on Parade + 1932 issue
                        Hall of Fame
                        Golden Music Hall
                        Jazz and Sand (My first sound CC from 1976)
                        Ride Ranger Ride cartoon
                        Harry Roy and his band
                        Yellow Submarine Promo/trailer
                        Turn of the wheel. (Issued in Christmas 1978 this was the best print they ever achieved. I believe Derann later used the negative)

                        A few snaps
                        Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm7.jpg Views:	0 Size:	42.7 KB ID:	8869Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm9.jpg Views:	0 Size:	53.7 KB ID:	8870Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm8.jpg Views:	0 Size:	55.9 KB ID:	8871Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm6.jpg Views:	0 Size:	38.7 KB ID:	8872Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm5.jpg Views:	0 Size:	39.6 KB ID:	8873Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm4.jpg Views:	0 Size:	51.7 KB ID:	8874Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm3.jpg Views:	0 Size:	55.4 KB ID:	8875Click image for larger version  Name:	z lm 1.jpg Views:	0 Size:	56.6 KB ID:	8876Click image for larger version  Name:	zlm2.jpg Views:	0 Size:	61.6 KB ID:	8877


                        • The Steel Valley trailer for "There's no Business like Show Business" (unfortunately now rather pink) followed by the last reel of the feature on LPP from Derann.
                          The a Walton extract on Fuji that started like a B&W documentary on British Summer seaside weather and that turned into colour tour of the London Transport Aldenham bus works?!! In fact it was the Cliff Richard film Summer Holiday. Strangely it had a credit to 20th Century Fox for the use of Cinemascope!!


                          • Sunday May 3

                            Super 8 feature length

                            ET The Extra Terrestrial

                            Finished the evening with

                            Ariel's Beginning
                            (prequel to Little Mermaid) on DVD

                            Another great night @ the movies 😊


                            • Last night a few reels of the Lone Wolf release of El Cid (up to the interval, but missing part 1 which I only have on the UFA 4x400ft) early prints some test prints that cost me a total of £35 including Bonum reels and cases!!! UFA for the rest tonight. I'd forgotten just how good the colour on LPP was.
                              All projected on this modified Sankyo Sound 301 that now takes 800ft take up reels and Ihad a xenovaron 12-30mm lens that allows the Kowa 8 to be fitted directly with a couple of bolt on brackets


                              • Very Good Brian! Nice to see the Sankyo line mentioned as they are an excellent Super 8 projector that produce a superb quality image and sound and are easily modified to handle larger reels with a bit of skill and spare parts.
                                El Cid is among the best printed in Super 8.
                                Nice presentation!