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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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  • Originally posted by Rob Koeling View Post
    Great stuff!
    Julian, I love those outdoor screenings for the neighbours! 'Sunset Boulevard' is a great choice! Weird times ask for weird stories...
    Do you have any idea how many of your neighbours are watching with you?
    Dear Rob, I depends on what I screen, I estimate 10 to 20, difficult to know. There are three buildings (including mine) that are in front of the "wall screen", we can watch form our living room, other two buildings have view from their sides, from the rooms. One off my neighbors told me he watch the films from his living room with his family which are 4.


    • As said yesterday "Those Magnificent Men......" from the intermission onward. I had forgotten how long the black film play in music was ans with bad recording on this reel it was a bit of an effort to listen to. My whole print of this is made up of "seconds" I had only wanted a sample but got hooked and gradually got the whole film this way (I was told the same at the BFCC at Waterman's Arts centre about The Sound of Music when I bought an odd reel, but I still have one to go on that). The faults are mainly striping errors such as some oxide on picture area for a short while or unsteady picture for a few feet. The picture quality is excellent and can only fault it for negative dust at the end of some reels.


      • 3pm matinee
        Thursday April 16
        Feature only

        Flat - Stereo

        Enjoyed it very much!


        • "Daylight World's Fair Excursion Train"

          I watched this one tonight. In a lot of ways it may be the most unique film in my collection. I have quite a few home movies: mostly my own, some from other people. This is the only among all of them with sync sound, but there is more to it than just that.

          In 1984, there was a World's Fair in New Orleans. The Southern Pacific sent their classic Daylight steam locomotive and passenger train to the fair. Some ambitious Texas railfan decided to document her crossing his home state. Texas is a big state: he shot (at least) 16 rolls of sound Kodachrome and then spliced it together on an 800 foot reel! It wound up on E-bay a couple of years ago and now it's mine.

          Don't get me wrong, he got some beautiful footage, but it's true: very often less really is more. For example: there is this thing in railroad film making called a pacing shot. The camera is in some vehicle (railed or not) running parallel with the train and at the same speed. Our cameraman got some good ones. His wife is driving the car, cigarette clamped in her mouth, one hand on the wheel and the other holding the mic. out the window. He was filming from the back seat. A good pacing shot is something like 10 to 20 seconds. Some of his ran a solid minute.

          There's nothing he did here with 800 feet he couldn't have done in 400, maybe less.

          Something dawned on me tonight when I watched this Epic. The speed of the train was just a little...too impressive sometimes, and when you saw people walking they just seemed to have an extra spring in their step. The clincher came when there was a crowd waiting at a station. I heard conversation, and their voices were a little squeaky, like they were handing out helium! This one was meant to be projected at 18FPS!

          -So the movie I thought ran a little too long at 40 minutes was really supposed to be 53 minutes!

          I sometimes bring a railroad film to CineSea: help make for greater variety in Saturday Night show. This one is NOT on my short list!

          (There must have been a sale on film that week!)
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          • Snap Watched my Kodachrome movie of the Kent and East Sussex steam railway filmed in oh 1979 ish on the GS1200 and about a 300ft record of a journey on that line. This was followed by Oh Mr Porter Will Hay projected on my 1972 Eumig projector still working perfectly although I may treat it to a new set of capacitors in the summer lock down.

            With so much time on my hands think we will be initiating my annual screening of all my Collectors Club sound films, that will fill a month.
            Click image for larger version

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            • Lee Mannering I totally love the neatness of your collection and boxes all the same size. Impressive!
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              • Thanks sweetheart The 200ftrs are stacked 3 deep but you just have to love Super 8


                • Trailers for Cinemascope 55 (Carousel) and Laurence of Arabia and part 2 of the 2x600ft Derann cut down of 633 Squadron on LPP. (Cheap open day buy £20 as rather dark).


                  • This weekend was supposed to be CineSea 21 and tonight would have been Saturday Night Show.
                    Things being what they are we decided to pick out just 4 of the many reels that we've had on the big screen in Wildwood and have just a little Saturday Night Show here.

                    Do-Re-Mi ('scope)
                    The Beatles Come to Town
                    The Elephant will Never Forget
                    Auto Cine (Pathe Pictorial)

                    There have been so many more over the years we could have spent hours watching them if we wanted, and if we really were there right now, we wouldn't even have been in the last hour just yet. It's a late night, but plenty worth it.

                    Well! Here's to better days! (-Especially better days yet to come!)
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                    • As people here were watching Titanic at the time she sank, last night I thought I'd watch Raise the Titanic, but as it's on TV tonight I just showed the actual raising sequence from the Derann full length 'scope version. One day I'll' get round to watching the 2 spools on 16mm I bought at Blackpool a couple of years ago.


                      • Last night as I have been doing for the last weeks I screen for my neighbors Woody Allen's "The Purple Rose of Cairo" (1985). Once again I synced the spanish soundtrack extracted form a DVD with the film, I have become better doing this, it worked very well. Here is a link to some videos of the event:
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                        • After watching "Raise the Titanic" on TV I screened a "Scope Programme Start" reel of trailers for "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" (first film to use TodAo 35 anamophics), Oliver, The Slipper & the Rose, Divine Madness (Bette sings "The Rose" in this) and An Officer and a Gentleman, spaced with ABC daysets finishing with This is Pompeii. Shades of the days of continuous programmes, see the main feature first and stay for the rest of it :-)

                          I must be missing the real thing as I dreamt of going to a cinema last night.


                          • Normally Sunday night is my "Ebay" night but, as I had some problem connecting to the net, and because Saturday night was used to grade films I am preparing for that site, I decided to have another fully fledged "lock down" performance with my audience of Mrs.E

                            She said she wanted something light hearted.

                            So, to kick of it was the 4x 400' Trouble In Store starring Norman Wisdom, followed by the 4x 400' Walton The Golden Age of Comedy

                            I passed the test !


                            • Stoked the GS1200 up to full steam for a lovely evening of nostalgia.

                              Béla Ferenc Dezső Blaskó

                              The Return Of Chandu 1934 Stars the brilliant Bela Lugosi (Niles)

                              Mystery of the Mary Celeste 1935 Bela Lugosi (Blackhawk)

                              Ended with Carry on on Doctor 1967 (Collectors Club) Which is showing a fair bit of shrinking but have only had it for 42 years this July. Shall give it a dose of FG and run again July.

                              Due to the virus I'll not be making my planned trip to Romania to visit and film Bela's birth place so hopefully next year then.
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                              • Tuesday night
                                April 21

                                feature only
                                Kempski print
                                Scope Mono

                                2001 A Space Odessy