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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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  • Stuart! I have the full optical sound feature of "Bugsy Malone", still looks great and, as memory serves me, one of our very members was involved in the making of that film!


    • Have the full version is cool and optical too. Wasn't thinking of going optical as had no reason. Tomorrow was one of my favorite songs and it wasn't in the version I have. Had the LP way back when and I do have the DVD. But what's way cooler than all that is playing ukulele in Fat Sam's band. Mr Lee Mannering, respect sir.
      Lee must have been in this version as the final showdown song was partially shown and the band was playing. I'll check it out again on the Bauer. It's mono with no balance track.


      • Just cleaned a lens that came with my Noris 322 so used that instead of the Bauer.
        Indeed there is a ukulele player behind the keyboad player. Mr Mannering I presume. Turns out I actually met you 44 years ago in a cinima in Stafford. Small word

        Click image for larger version

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        Very cool. Our guy with connections. Speaking of connections, any chance of Blouseys number. Don't tell Bugsy!
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        • Show Boat (the Derann version (in case there is another one), with a French soundtrack (and the songs in English). Good film and great colours.
          Click image for larger version

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          • Now that is a beautiful film we also love hear. I still swell up at the end of the film looking at Ava in that beautiful dress silly old fool.
            Dom I have the Stereo remaster they did recorded on mine which makes quite a movie and one of our top ten features here.
            Emotional film which is particularly enjoyed by the lady audiences.

            Watched Halloween Scope last night on the Elmo GS1200 projector with Stereo prepping myself for the new film at el Cinema. Went for a walk early to feed the birds in local woods not a soul about and bags of fresh air beautiful morning.

            Thanks Stuart yes little me filmed in 1974 at Pinewood Studios a small portion of my childhood theatrical career but most remembered.
            Funny coincidence... I had a call from a production company who are going to film a new documentary with as many of the cast in as they can muster. They want to take us back to the studio so I will of course be taking my banjo and Super 8 camera.
            Yes I do still keep in contact with some of the cast but sadly some have passed on.

            Enjoy the movie my friend.


            • Looking forward to seeing the footage Lee. Hope it's a great visit down memory lane for you and those that can take part. Will you be taking a custard pie or two When I saw the film, I just thought it was fantastic. The production amazing. A musical. Plenty of fun and humor. Not an adult in sight to carry the movie.
              Really hope the reunion goes well for all attending.


              • Last night I showed CALAMITY JANE. What an enjoyable musical! A rip-off of ANNIE GET YOUR GUN actually, down to the same male lead, the wonderful Howard Keel, and the reciprocal song, I wish all rip-offs were half as good as this one. Doris Day shines all the way thru with a funny boastful tomboyish performance and dominates the film.The Derann copy is excellent so, who could ask for anything more? Also,"on the same program" THE CLOUDHOPPER, one of the funniest Larry Semon comedies in a practically complete 20 minute version made up from a rather choppy Dutch copy and the Castle one reeler "A Weekend Driver". In standard 8 silent.


                • Invited some friends over for a evening viewing of POLTERGEIST (in Scope) through my Elmo ST1200. Click image for larger version

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                  • Great viewing guys.

                    Been checking some of the films recently purchased in person not off thebay.

                    Return of el Cybernauts printed on Agfa film. Beautiful quality and a nice British TV show for the vault...well ventilated Peter Cushing looking good and another top performance.
                    Thank you Derann for this film.
                    3x400 Sound was recorded on both tracks interesting.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • Watched the JAWS 600ft Stereo. Absolutely beautiful colour, sharp and Stereo in fact so good we watched it twice over. I've never heard a super 8 sound track where the Cello could be heard to such great effect and those three elementary pillars. Great viewing...


                      • There is no point in me telling you which films I saw last night as it wouldn't mean a thing to anybody here.

                        It was a night of private family home movies from the 1970's and 1980's strung on 2x 800' spools (at 18fps) one for the silents, one for the sound films.
                        There were a few main differences to the show last night away from the norm. First, I had an audience! It was myself, my wife, my sister and her partner. Also, it was the first time that I had been together with my sister for a home movie night since the passing of our parents and, quite honestly, wasn't sure how either she or I would feel about seeing them again alive and kicking and talking on the big screen.
                        It was also a little different because it is the first time I had used the GS1200 running at 18fps with a full beam to give the best results. Normally, I project at 24 fps on light position #1 (dipped) when on my own to preserve the bulb. The result was fantastic. Those films looked as though they could have been shot / processed yesterday. ALL the colour was still there! The sound was also still very crisp and clear. It does frustrate me that a lot of package movies fade to pink/red in time. I so wish they could maintain their colour as much as these KII and K40 home movies have. However, if there HAD to be fade one way or the other, I am so glad the super 8 Gods chose the home movies to keep their colour and not vice versa. These memories are so precious.

                        So, how did I feel at the end? In a word..... uplifted, as was my sister. It is a little strange because I didn't feel any sorrow. More like joy. Seeing them both being so alive, watching them move the way they did, hearing them speak the way they did, hearing them say the typical day to day things that they said only reassured me that, whenever I want them in my presence, to relive the feeling and atmosphere they created when in their presence, I can. I only need to go into a darkened room with a screen, movie projector, and reel of film.

                        Thank you Super 8.

                        You beautiful BEAUTIFUL hobby.


                        • Melvin,

                          Beautifully written!


                          • Home movies are something we don't often talk about here that is very special in their unique way. Very often I put film shorts in front of a feature, and sometimes when the audience is friends and closer, I'll include a home movie. Seeing the CGI squirrel with his acorns is kind of fun, but seeing my 19 year old be 3 again is downright personal!

                            A friend of ours moved in with her elderly Aunt about 20 years ago and happened upon her deceased uncle's 1970s Kodachromes. After I fixed Uncle Charlie's splices, they came to our house and I put on their film show! To me: great shots of life in Brooklyn 50 years ago, but I looked over at our friend seeing her parents alive and well and a tear rolled down her cheek.


                            • Well written Melvin.

                              I agree that when it comes to fade, thank goodness "those" K40 home movies will remain looking good for many years to come. I call them a "window" to our past. When we view ours from the 70-80s, its like they were just taken yesterday. Super8 was a great way to preserve family history, which I think we appreciate more and more as the years pass. Every so often like yourself, we to watch them with great interest.


                              • Hi Melvin

                                I took a couple of photos today of times gone by, of the good ole days.

                                I should have taken a lot more film, rather than making that move I did to using a video camera back the the 1990s. Looking at the price on this old film stock, it was pretty good considering the price included postage and developing at the time.

                                PS Although I have gone of the topic, I will add that I did watch a Movietone "silver jubilee "news reel the other night.
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