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  • On a lighter note here is a brilliant extract from "Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World"....enjoy


    • Well its been seven months, since I last screened the blu-ray of "The Poseidon Adventure" 1972. Its one of those movies I never get tired of watching. Using the Epson VP again tonight, both picture and sound quality is outstanding.

      Blu-ray screen shot
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      • Priceless from one of my old LPs


        • We watched The Deep on Bluray the other night. I’ve got the super 8mm digest which was quite enjoyable and caused me to order Bluray from Amazon. Unfortunately the full length film did not live up to it for me and it was best left as a digest. Oh well… I was so disappointed that I did not bother taking screenshots.


          • Over the last two nights, only got as far as the intermission last night...."Dr Zhivago" 1965. I checked the blu-ray running time when it finished as 3hrs 20minutes. Great stuff but long

            We screened the 35mm print at the cinema in 2011, that was good. I even watched the film twice We loaded it onto two platter decks, first half on one, second half on another. The 35mm print in this case, was in very good condition, but thought at the time, this will be the last time I will see it on actual film, that's why I watched it twice. Our young projectionist upstairs did the honors of running it at the time.

            The first time I ever watched "Dr Zhivago" was when it can out at the cinema when I was about 13 years old, from that screening I just had to save up and buy the 45rpm single. The years have sure past since those long ago days .


            • After the belt broke on the 16mm Bauer we watched a 4K UHD Blu ray of Spectre 007. Today's the day NO TIME TO DIE is release and looking forward to that.


              • Now here is a good shark movie Picked up the blu-ray of "The Shallows" 2016 for about $5 a while back as I had heard, its pretty good.

                Well it certainly was, edge of the seat stuff tonight using the Epson VP. Both picture and sound are excellent, I really enjoyed watching this one .

                PS. At the end I was glad to see the seagull made it to safety
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                • Dr Who "The Evil of the Daleks" animation. The best of the animated versions of missing episodes/stories made to off air soundtrack recordings, but in colour, HD and widescreen (16x9) as well as 4x3 B&W.


                  • A couple of blu-ray screen shots from last night
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • This afternoon as it was precipitating quite heavily, I cranked up the Blu Ray and saw a film I have not seen since the late 1970's.

                      "A Star is Born" - Barbra Streisand / Kris Kristofferson

                      Just ok, nothing special. Passed an afternoon at least.....


                      • The Wolfman 2010 Anthony Hopkins was a bargain buy bought on an impulse.

                        I was pleasantly surprised very good atmospheric film similar to the Hammer style. A little slow in the first half hour but takes off after that. It did reasonably well at box office but I think it was old fashioned belonging to an earlier era. It is very well made well worth a watch.

                        Trailer attached for information



                        • Well that was a surprise last night, I was really struggling to find something our 12 year old grandson has not seen. In desperation I tried this one, will it work I thought? I didn't think it would being honest, well afterwards it only goes to prove, that even at 12 years, he took the movie in and what the story was all about, when I asked later what he thought?, he replied it was good.

                          Just goes to show everyone is different in what they like watching. Oh! later I heard him singing to Yvonne, not to bad I thought, you just never know .

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                          Being the school holidays at the moment I was asked last week if I could put a mystery movie on for group of kids, sure I can think of something, well around 16 seven years and under kids turned up, along with a couple of parents today, They had walked from a nearby church. This did catch me of balance, as I had no idea they were so young. I must say I was really impressed with how well behaved those kids were, they were an absolute delight.

                          The movie was "Dora" and it was a huge hit with those young ones, much to my relief my payment for doing it was a plate of "home baking". I told them "Connor" was in charge as he was really keen to help out and enjoyed it as well.
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                          • Oh! here is the trailer for the above movie.


                            • Well I didn't watch it but junior did with Cars 2 in 3D....
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                              That's it for these school holidays .
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                              • Wonder haw many frames we have all collectively viewed since I started this post running? 2 complicated to work out.

                                Watched TOBRUK part obsessive collection of Techniscope filmed movies on disc and film. Never stop being amazed of the quality of these films and one of those fascinating filmic processes I love so much.