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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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  • Chip,



    • They dies with their boots on, both Derann 400ft extracts and ther trailer for The Empire Strikes Back, Derann Moviola "Import" 'scope, great colour but bought cheap as "out of rack", but my projector gets it in OK at maximum adjustment.


      • Happy to have screened my two latest acquisitions, two Cineavision Tom and Jerry's, "Busy Buddies', and "Pups on a Picnic", both with not stellar color, but not faded. That is, I think that they, like most of the Animex Cineavision scope prints, the color was never stellar, just printed that way, but I had never seen "Busy Buddies'" before, which was better than the later "Tot Watchers'.


        • Osi

          Remember we talked about "Muscle Beach Tom" a while back, it was in Scope, now this surprised me below, on the Derann list of new films with no mention of it in Scope. This raises the question, and I think its a real possibility that it might have been released in "flat" as well.
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          • They did release it flat.


            • Carry on Cleao walton 400ft cut down plus a copy of reel 2 of the feature (4x400ft) I bought cheap, possibly at the closing down sale) as it had poor stripe and the sound hadn't been recorded. I did record it but the short cuts made it difficult to sync. Both on Agfa so good colouors.


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ID:	86140 Star Wars 2x400. Nice print with good amount of colour from Paul Foster.
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                • When I first collected Super 8, I had both the Star Wars part 1, flat, and the part 2 in scope. As anyone can see, the beginning shot on part 1 is in scope, so I added that to the beginning of part 2, as it just seemed to belong there!


                  • Just for the heck of it, I decided to buy a super 8 toy that I had from the 70's, "Pocket Flix" this was a little battery driven movie viewer that had a wide range of titles and unlike other super 8 toys, it was not "edited" down, that it, they take out two or three frames for every frame for those hand cranked cartridges. No, this was full 24 fps. They had everything from the 70's King Kong, 60's Star Trek, cartoons and 70's TV. I bought two cassettes, Spiderman and Happy Days. As expected, the film in the cassettes was highly scratched, ( those little viewers were not kind to film), what surprised me was that they were printed on Agfa 4S, so,e while the color appeared to have faded slightly, it was that bad. The little cassettes ran about 30 to 45 seconds at 24 fps. In the case of some of these 70's TV shows, this was they're only appearance on super 8!


                    • Osi,

                      Very cool! The "Super Cinexin" I have is a toy projector. It came out in the early 70s, however it uses Standard 8mm instead of Super 8.


                      • The Amityville Horror on Super 8 by Ken Films.

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                        • The Technofilms 3x400ft of the ITC TV show Strange report - Shrapnell. It is on SP, bought at a derann open day just after they bought the old stock when Techno closed, now rather brown but all colours (just) there. I noticed this dhowing that thought it had two advert breaks when shown in the UK the reel changes didn't seem to line up with this (the cliffhangers were just at the start of the next reel!! I assume this was due to minor editing. Still enjoyable, despite having the whole series on DVD, just a pity Network went out of business before they could do a Blu-ray of this series which was shot on 35mm.


                          • Muppets Musical Moments 11 minutes available later this year. Beautiful colour I have to say..


                            • What a most interesting idea for a super 8 release! Please tell me that it would have "the rainbow connection"? Actually, you could have both versions! The first version to begin the reel, and then the final version, when the camera pulls back, to reveal all the muppets, to end the reel!


                              • My BSTR buys from Sunday, Swing Ding Amigos (Daffy Duck and Speedy late series cartoon) a bit faded (Techno print) and the Iver digest of The Virgin and the Gypsy good colour. Followed by some one I have had for a while a trailer and advert reel I made up wiht ABC intros The Fog, adverts including the Zulu style Silk Cut one, Kiora crows etc An American Tale, Batman, who Framed Roger Rabbit and 2 x Licence to Kill, Esqurie films (Walton) 2 x200 from Au Pair girls (faded) and The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex 1 x 400ft, Derann, great colours though the edge marking is Eastman it looks more like LPP.