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What 8mm films did I watch last night?

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  • Well the night before last we had a wee film show for the kids; The Who Framed Roger Rabbit trailer, the Universal Studios Resort ad, Tom and Jerry in Trap Happy and Derann's 400ft cutdown of the The Plank. It was the first public outing for my GS1200 which behaved perfectly. I'd used it to re-record an out of sync print of Indi 8's Cinema Etiquette 2 a few days previously and it's like magic when it's frame accurate!


    • Laurel and Hardy in DIRTY WORK - Ollie taking the bricks to the head is very funny.


      • Fantasia 2000: Reels 3 and 4 (the conclusion)
        Click image for larger version  Name:	thumbnail_IMG_3170.jpg Views:	0 Size:	164.3 KB ID:	33709

        -Yes, this is Disney, but there is a lot more going on here that flamingos with yo-yos!

        This film contains just about the most intense moment I've ever experienced on screen. Early on in The Firebird Suite, a water nymph is out in the forest, riding on the back of an elk. It is beautiful, serene. -all is well.
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        She goes inside the crater of a dormant volcano and encounters a shriveled form at the bottom. She touches it and within seconds this being of pure flame emerges:
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        -and the music rises up just as fast!

        Now, it pays to think about the very first time I ever saw this. Even though I'm a pretty big Fantasia fan (Dad took me to see the original when I was seven), I'd never seen '2000 until I watched this print the first time.

        -There I am sitting on my couch with a cold drink in my hand when well before I can begin to process what's happening on screen, the North wall of my living room is covered in flames!

        I came very close to wearing that drink!

        So if anybody thinks Super-8 isn't visually impressive, I just might be able to change their minds.

        Audio wise, I reverted back to blended twin track mono for the second half. At least on my machine the level of the "moni" signals is so low, that by the time I boost them high enough to have real impact in the speakers, the noise that also comes up overshadows the joys of stereo separation.

        I did stand up by the speakers and experience different sounds right and left: this should hold me for a while!

        For the record: If there was dust on my speakers on Sunday, there isn't any now! (Some things you just can't play quietly!)

        (-I may need to do silents for a while!)
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        • Carrying on the theme of Warners and pirates last night it was Buccaneer Bunny (Derann on Agfa from a Techno neg. Print quality up with the best on Super 8) and the 2x400ft Captain Blood from Derann on B&W stock.


          • Fellow forum member Pat came round with his 600ft print of "Jurassic Park" tonight. I have to say, its one of the best I have watched. The GS1200 stereo soundtrack was also truly amazing to hear, with a sub of course.

            An outstanding release in every way a most enjoyable evening


            • All joined up on one Elmo 800ft reel.

              1....Gone Nutty...stereo.
              2....For The Birds....stereo.
              3....Madagascar Penguins....stereo.
              4....Wallace and Gromit "A Grand Day Out"....mono.
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              Gone Nutty....
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              For The Birds.
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              Madagascar Penguins.
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              • Watched a lovely film of Roy Rogers THIS IS YOUR LIFE which I'm guessing originated from the USA. My goodness what a sweet man kindly in every way. He was in tears during the show and so were we a very emotional watch and from oh the mid 1950's I guess. We have a few of Roys films as they are very easy going but I wondered if anyone has some sort of list or idea which of his films made it to 8mm in the USA as we would like to find some more.
                I have the Collectors Club ones which are fun.

                Nice clip here from 1983


                • Graham,

                  Gone Nutty is the inspiration for my entire sound system! In a film that contains both the sounds of a squirrel tip-toeing trough a field and a hundred million acorns splitting the primordial continents, you need both low noise and big volume!

                  I got mine in 2003, very early in my sound-era. I tried to hook my stereo into a projector and starting that day began to learn about ground loops, power supply hum and hiss! (-Boo!)

                  -Grand Day Out!: Quite rare, but we keep running into collectors that have one!


                  • Yes Steve I would agree about our sound systems, Over time I have lost track of what does what when I look at the wiring around me gets very confusing at times.

                    Derann did distribute some very good CGI films, The one I was kicking myself over, for leaving it way to late, was "Gere's Game" most likely the spelling of that one wrong, but I think you know of the film.

                    The strange thing about "A Grand Day Out" was it appeared in there second hand list a few times, there did not appear to be a lot of interest in it at that time, price wise it was was not that expensive. My timing must have been just right, as most of the time I did miss out buying films on that list.
                    Click image for larger version

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                    • I saw a Grand Day Out on E-bay once. It was a featured auction: stuck up at the top of the page.

                      Every so often there is an auction where I'm not interested in it so much for the film, but more as spectator sport. I saw "Grand Day Out" with a pretty fair initial price, all things considered: got my lawn chair out, prepared for the show, and said "This will go through the ROOF!".

                      -didn't even get a first bid.

                      It eventually went for about what one of the Derann-sold prints went for years before. Somebody basically got back what they paid for it when they hoped it would be like winning the Lottery!

                      (As drama, it fell pretty flat!)

                      I remember the "used" prints. It's a wonderful print:, great image and sound, great surprising that many people sold them back and so quickly! 🤔


                      • That was the good thing about Derann Steve, the prices were fixed, no crazy e-bay prices and the like we have now, I miss those days.


                        • Roy Rogers YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS A film I purchased November 1978 from Collectors Club UK when the features were a comin thick and fast Ye Ha!
                          Click image for larger version

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                          • Tonight's show was a little unusual.

                            Unusual because when I got up this morning, I hadn't yet bought most of the prints !

                            You see, this morning, Saturday, was a CHC open day in Cleethorpes hosted by Phil Sheard. As I live about 35 minutes away I couldn't resist going over there and having a good rummage and bought a few really nice films. Quite a good turnout, including forum members John and Brian in attendance as well as a couple of new faces, one of which had driven 5 hours up from London. That's dedication !

                            Anyway, the film show.....

                            Cruise Cat 1x 200' starring Tom and Jerry. This Walton print was bought as an upgrade to my current copy and was an oh, so slightly different edit would you believe!

                            Saturday Evening Puss 1x 200' starring Tom and Jerry. Very good colour.

                            Reflections UK 1x 200' - NOT bought today but viewed because I did purchase.........

                            ..... Reflections USA 1x 200' !!!! Now THAT was a print I never expected to come across, so was a thrill to see AND is in stereo.

                            Summer Holiday 1x 400' starring Cliff Richard. This was a Scope copy with the best colour I have seen of this title. A great purchase.

                            Just for the record and I have not seen it yet but am itching to watch it, I also bought a 16mm featurette running 7.5 minutes called The Making of Poltergeist. Sounds good !



                            • Click image for larger version

Name:	dentist.jpg
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                              The picture says it all. W C Fields in THE DENTIST. This movie cracks me up.


                              • Like Melvin, but a little later as I had a much longer journey home, I watched some of the films I bought from CHC Saturday. June is Busting Over (scope) from Carousel, Tom & Jerry "Professor Tom" and the 400ft extract of The Outlaw.